Super Mario College Hall

If you ever go to Portland State University, make sure to check out the 8-Bit Hallway.  Beth Olsen and art/social practices majors decorated their hallway with the Mario world.  The hallway has gold coins, bricks, pipes and even a castle.  Their intention was to make people feel relaxed and relieve their stress.  Beth was interviewed by Asylum and said “There is just something about ‘Super Mario Bros.’ that everyone seems to relate to, even if they never really played it as a kid. Even people who are in a hurry or have arms full of books instantly found themselves jumping goombahs and making beep-beep-boop sounds the whole way down the hall.”

mario hallway 584i Super Mario College Hall 

mario hallway 584a 1292516315 Super Mario College Hall 
mario hallway 584 1292516192 Super Mario College Hall 
mario hallway 294 1292516191 Super Mario College Hall

pixel Super Mario College Hall

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