Superman Dumps Lois For Wonder Woman

fl justice league 510x784 Superman Dumps Lois For Wonder Woman

In another surprising news from DC, Superman will hook up with Wonder Woman.  This is bad news for Supes long time love, Lois Lane.  The big 3 of DC are Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.  When they’re together, there’s always sexual tension between Bats and the Amazonian, Diana.  Superman is always portrayed as naive and treats Wonder Woman as his equal.  I always thought Bat would hook up first with Wonder Woman.

Even though writer Geoff Johns is stating that it will go on for a while, The Superman/Wonder Woman fling won’t last for more than a year as Superman is back on screen next year and the leading lady will be Lois Lane.  Also next year, DC is planing a Trinity War between the big 3, maybe a bad breakup will be the reason for the rumble!

The hook up will happen on Justice League #12, coming out next Wednesday, August 29, 2012.

Source:  EW

pixel Superman Dumps Lois For Wonder Woman

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