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The latest DC Animated Originals movie has arrived, and I must say my early impressions were way off. Superman vs The Elite is one of the best DC animated movies, and it is one of my favourite Superman stories of all time. This is movie is right up there with Batman: Under the Red Hood, yes it is THAT good!

While at first the animation might seem a bit odd, you eventually get used to it and it actually becomes more and more appealing as the movie goes on. The voice actors all do a good job, especially George Newbern who does a fantastic job as Superman, he sounds almost exactly as Tim Daly from the 90s animated series. The rest of the voice cast is just as strong, Robin Atkin Downes is a close second to George as Manchester Black, the leader of the Elite and the movies main antagonist.

But the animation and voice acting wouldn’t work unless there was a good story to tell, and the story works on so many levels. I havent read the comic book that this film is based on so I can’t tell you guys if it’s a good adaptation of the comic, but despite this the story focuses on a topic that has always been controversial in the super hero world, should heroes kill?

This story is especially enjoyable because it focuses on a character like Superman, a hero with old school values in a modern world that is slowly moving away from these values and going down a darker path, and just at this time a new group of heroes called the Elite become world wide stars and quickly turn the public against Superman. But before the Elite enter the film there are several events going on that play pivotal roles, the war in Bialia, the publics growing disdain for Supermans unwillingness to do what they see is necessary and Supermans own inability to cope with the whole situation.

However the Elite aren’t your classic super powerful bad guys that want to destroy the earth.  In fact the Elite really do start out as good guys and they actually become friends with Superman before he eventually discovers just how different their methods are. However even after the Elite and Superman eventually become enemies.  Neither side is the good guy or bad guy, rather both sides of this conflict believe they are right and trying to get the public’s support.

The Elite obviously gain the upper hand in this regard and this results in a final battle with Superman in the end. The premise is masterfully executed and it really gets the viewer thinking who is really right in the end? Superman or the Elite? Or are they both wrong and there should be a middle ground between these two extremes?

The action scenes are great and most of the fights here actually show Superman as a skilled fighter, unlike in the animated series where he just threw punches left in right.  In this movie, Superman is a far more skilled fighter and this is especially apparent in his first fight with Atomic Skull. Superman vs The Elite is one of the best animated movies I have ever seen in my life, it is my new favorite Superman story and pretty much anyone can enjoy it.

However the PG-13 rating is pushed here, Manchester Black has some pretty adult dialogue and some of the interrogation scenes are pretty brutal and may be too much for little kids.  If you are a parent I suggest you check this movie out for yourself before letting your kids watch it.

Grade: A-

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