MOTUC: 2015; April- Angella!

MOTUC: 2015; April- Angella!

April is the month for angels. That’s not really true. I’m just actually thrilled that Angella was released in the Masters of the Universe Classics line after all these years! That’s right folks, the Queen of Brightmoon is here and with her release, fans now have the entire first series of vintage She-Ra figures in Classics forms!

IMG 4259 MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

Angella fits nicely in the standard MOTUC packaging. She looks beyond cool with her wings and stance in pack. It makes me question my motives for removing her, but come on now, she is totally getting out of her bubble.

IMG 4261 MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

Flipped around the card …

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