Teaser: AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 2

walking dead horde Teaser:  AMCs The Walking Dead Season 2

Warning!  This trailer contains some graphic… uh, zombie killing…. as you can imagine.  Gives a whole new meaning to the term “double-tap.”  Apparently, this teaser debuted during the Season 4 premier of Breaking Bad.

I actually starting watching this show half-way through Season 1 and had to go back and catch up the previous episodes on demand.  It’s  a great show with decent acting and lots of good old fashioned zombies.  I’m sort of partial to the zombies who do that slow meandering walk like they woke up with a hangover.  There’s also plenty of irony and absurdity as one would expect of a flick about the dead coming back to life.

Despite rumors pointing at a July release date, it looks like fans will still have to wait until October, which is fitting for a show like this.  One piece of good news that we can rely on is that season 2 will have 13 episodes instead of the 6 they gave us for season 1.  Here is the teaser for Season 2:

Walking Dead Season 2 Teaser

0 Teaser:  AMCs The Walking Dead Season 2

[Source: Deadline]



pixel Teaser:  AMCs The Walking Dead Season 2

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