Tech Review: The iRig

iRig Tech Review:  The iRig

One of the best things I found at CES this year is a little gadget that plugs into your iPhone and your guitar. It’s called the iRig. Produced by a company called IK Multimedia, the iRig is this amazing little device that turns your Android phone, iPhone or iPad into a guitar amp. The gadget comes with an app download off iTunes that shows up on your phone like an amp and pedals. It comes with different effects for guitar and bass and all you need to do is plug your guitar into it, plug it into your iPhone, then plug in your headphones or speakers and you can shred like Tom Morello. But probably the best part is that you don’t have to lug a big amplifier around to do it.

A guitarist friend reviewed the iRig for NerdSociety. Here’s what he had to say:

Any guitar player looking at this app will be immediately familiar with the controls. Dials on amps and effects are just like real gear. I’ve only used it through headphones, but I was stunned by the realism. The built in amp has that crunchy tube sound that is hard to replicate digitally.

The included Delay effect is easy to work with, and comes with a BPM sync. I’ve only used the demo version, but found the built in drums nice to play with. Good drums sounds with nice dynamics. Using the built in 4-track (again with intuitive controls 🙂 with the drums, it was easy to record some basic grooves. It’s supposed to work with bass too.

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There’s also the iRig Mic which is a microphone which puts effects on your voice and helps you sing like Mariah Carey. Or at least makes you think you do. Just like the iRig, this thing plugs right into your cellphone and sounds absolutely amazing. There is the free app which gives you a delay on your voice and then there are other apps for purchase like Choir and Brother/Sister which creates harmonies out of your voice.

The iRig retails for only $39.99. The iRig Mic is $59.99 and there are other gadgets like the iRig Mic Cast which retails for $39.99.  This turns your cellphone into a voice recorder that comes in handy for situations like interviews.

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The apps range from $19.99 for the Vocalive which has the different effects for your voice to $7.99 for the iRig Recorder, which is a vocal recording and editing app for your mobile phone. There is also the AmpliTube for the guitar which has numerous pedal effects that make your guitar playing sound amazing.

This is definitely one of the most ingenious and handy products on the market today, if you’re musically inclined. Don’t get the imitations; IK Multimedia is the original.  You can find the iRig at most music stores, Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Radio Shack, as well as places like Frye’s and Brookstone, Rating: A+



pixel Tech Review:  The iRig

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