Teddy Bear Urns…….?

It’s no secret that some day your gonna die, and when that day comes what’s done with your rotting corpse becomes as complicated as planning the location of your wedding reception.

There’s the old fashion casket thing, or may be you’d like to have your ashes spread in one of your favorite outdoor areas.  Like the tree where you proposed to your wife, or a beach you always loved watching the sunset.

Maybe you’d like your ashes put into an Etch A Sketch.  In the end you want something that lets your family know your resting and at peace.

Me, I would like my ashes loaded into buckshots and used to hunt down some large formidable animal.  Then the beast would be filleted up, cooked and served for all of my family and friends to enjoy.

The circle of life

Now websites like InTheLightUrns.com and Huggableurns.com has created a new way to keep you close to your family long after your gone.  No not Taxidermy, were not there…………….yet.

Teddy Bear Urns……………………………I am as concerned as you are.

majminter wideweb  470x3750 Teddy Bear Urns.......?

All of the morbid creepiness of a cremation urn cutely wrapped in the innocence and cuddliness of a Teddy Bear.

025025 Teddy Bear Urns.......?

Uhhhh....someone should tell them it looks unintentionally evil

teddy bear urn Teddy Bear Urns.......?

Awww this one cute

regal grey cat Teddy Bear Urns.......?

I know what I'm gonna do with my cat. I'll finally be able to cuddle her and there's nothing she can do to stop me Hahaa.

rainaurn 282x197 Teddy Bear Urns.......?

Even pets know when they've lost someone

*Pictures courtesy of  InTheLightUrns.com & Huggableurns.com

All kidding aside  everybody deals with grief in there own way.  I can totally see why some couples choose to have their late children put in Teddy Bear Urns.  I can’t even imagine what it’s like to loose your child or to deal with the grief.

With Burials, Crypts, and Mausoleums ranging from 6 to 20 thousand dollars.  Teddy Bear Urns seem like a much more affordable and far more comforting alternative.

For that they get my Kudos, even if they are kinda creepy.

Thanks for reading-

Reservoired Dog

SpiderMan02 Teddy Bear Urns.......?

Do you think Stan Lee would like to be put in a Mighty Mugg?

pixel Teddy Bear Urns.......?

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