Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 11.

Asuka wore a black kimono with a white spider web pattern off of her right shoulder exposing her entire right arm which was adorned with a continuous golden tribal tattoo—now exposed to all; she would show part of the Angel to her opponents and the world—she couldn’t hide it anymore even if she wanted to. Asuka’s outfit was quite complicated with a wrapping around her breasts that crisscrossed at her neck to keep it in place; she also had a pair of thin, blue leather collars around her neck. The dropped sleeve of her kimono was held in place and covering her right leg with a red sash and thick blue cording that a ceremonial fan was tucked in. Her right leg was exposed and on the inside of her thigh was kanji that she applied with black ink. Her feet were covered with low, high heeled shoes and in her brown hair; which the Miko had put up was the blossoming Sakura branch which was on the left with the end of the branch sticking out through the top of her hair towards the right. Apparently, the branch had survived a night of sleep with the help of carefully covering it.

Prt 11 Asuka Kimono Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 11.

Asuka stood very straight as she walked, after her win against Ling Xiaoyu whom she came close to killing as a sacrifice to the Angel or out of her own anger, she tried to stay focused. Lili was gone, she had left her because of the sudden death of her father—returning home to Monaco to deal with her father’s passing. Lili’s calls were nice, but Asuka missed her in more ways then one.

Asuka’s next opponent was Jun Kazama, her own aunt. Jun was very dangerous, she had aligned herself with the Mishima clan and she and her son Jin were now a tight part of the family with Kazuya and Heihachi.

Kazuya and Jin were possessed by Devil—both born with a gene which, when brought out, would cause these humans to become monsters, something that Asuka didn’t want to happen to her anymore; hence the Sakura branch; she was the reverse of them, she was possessed by Angel—was it the Angel of Death—not the Angel of Judgment?
Jun on the other hand had something different, an evil that was so deep that this once gentle woman of nature could become…well, Asuka would rip it out of Jun and if she had to fill the ground with her aunt, then she would.

The children’s games were long over for Asuka, this tournament had changed her mentally and physically, she still remembered what she had to do—she had to win and make the Mishima Zaibatsu hers to return peace to the world. In order for this to become reality, she would have to take down four more opponents, the most powerful, the inhuman, the everyday monster in Heihachi and the Devil monsters in Kazuya and Jin, then the…thing…within Jun. She would rip away the evil for her Angel, she had little choice, her control had neared its end and if the Sakura branch broke, Angel would engulf her.

The fight location was fitting; a beautiful landscape of a mountain with a stream running down the center, nature was all around. For Asuka’s Angel possibly being Death, she would protect herself with life—once again, meaning the blessed Sakura branch within her hair.

The reporters would not approach Asuka and she found a good place to begin as she waited on Jun who appeared with Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi; this was going to be a gauntlet–one after another? It was fine, for the Angel gave her the strength she needed, even alone, she would be fine.

Jun was so beautiful, she wore a sleeveless top and thin pants in white, the left leg of her pants and part of the top had a pattern of black crows silhouetted on the fabric. She wore a black shawl tied around her neck and a white headband in her shoulder length black hair; around her waist was a thin black belt closed across itself on an angle. Although getting up there in the years, she was still so beautiful, her eyes gentle and a soft smile upon her lips. When she walked upon the ground in her black sandals she made not a sound, she was perfect in every way.

Jun would not give a word to the camera’s either as they backed away and out of reach of the fighters. Jun approached Asuka and said, “My lovely niece, you are as beautiful as ever.”

“Thank you Aunt Jun, however, it’s impolite to greet your wannabe murderer, family or otherwise,” Asuka replied, the look on her face was focused and full of scorn, her eyes were becoming gold and that was the first step to possession as the Angel screamed to be let loose within her—the Sakura was blocking the full possession and the halo.

“Your Angel is very powerful, I can sense it, you are brimming over with power–I’m glad you let Jin’s friend live, that was kind of you,” Jun said.

“We’re the same age, Ling and I, I couldn’t take her life. She and the others I’ve injured will be out of the hospital at some point, they knew what they were getting themselves into,” Asuka replied.

“And I see by doing those things you have become alone, your personal cheering section of that blonde girl is gone, your innocence is gone, you have become a woman, it shows in your dress and your personality…I wonder, if the Angel wasn’t taking control, how long would you have truly lasted in this tournament even with my brother training you at such a young age…The wind has changed direction, we must begin, for nature wills it so,” Jun said and she and Asuka took fighting positions and stances that mirrored each other, they both had learned the Kazama fighting style—Jin had stopped using it, but he too had once known the way of nature.

The announcer began…”Jun Kazama versus Asuka Kazama…FIGHT!!!”

Asuka forced her way into Jun without a second thought, a quick defeat was the only way to keep the evil inside of her Aunt at bay—however, upon approach Asuka was shocked by the sudden impact of the ‘Heart Stopper,’ Jun’s knee was still held in her chest as Asuka groaned with a horrid pain welling up within her.

“So, how does it feel? You have done this to most of your opponents; do you understand the pain you’ve inflicted upon them now? Nee-Chan told you not to use it didn’t he? My brother was and still is very wise; yet you didn’t listen did you…?” Jun said slowly stepping backwards so Asuka could fall. Asuka’s breath let out and she felt like she was going to die; her breast bone was broken; she didn’t remember breaking anyone’s breast bone in battle using the ‘Heart Stopper?’

Due to the need to survive within her host, the Angel quickly healed Asuka and the young Kazama slowly rose to her feet, but she didn’t expect Jun to be on her so instantly—upon Jun’s strike, all Asuka could see was blackness and then she saw the light again…the ‘Heavens Hammer,’ was this what it felt like or was Jun simply more skilled at using these techniques?

Asuka fell to the ground, she had heard a crack upon impact…the Sakura was damaged…it had to be…it was going to be the ‘Spinning Heel Drop’ next wasn’t it?

The Angel healed Asuka and she once again got to her feet, however this time she crossed her arms over her upper body in a block to be sure Jun couldn’t get her with anything—if that was even possible.

“You still have your lessons to learn Asuka; what do you want to experience next? I know every technique you have, I know every counter; do you really think you can defeat me?” Jun said as she began moving towards Asuka.

The fight began full-force and Jun was able to counter or block every attack that Asuka made towards her…there was no way to win was there?

The Ginga…the only way to get Jun off her high horse, she had memorized every motion, every step, every assault that Christie had used, so this was going to be her only chance.

Asuka back flipped causing her Kimono to turn up briefly and when she regained her footing, she kicked off her shoes and began the Capoeira Ginga; Jun looked in shock at first then she began to laugh and said, “Going against the family teaching, and the teaching of your father? You dishonor the Kazama name…”

“No Aunt Jun, I just want to dance with you, every niece wants to dance with her pretty Aunt—maybe a festival, or a wedding…as though I were a little girl and you were still the kind caring woman you used to be…So Jun-San, let’s dance!”

Jun looked on as she watched Asuka smile and began more steps then simply the Capoeira Ginga, she was dancing as she was with Christie; her dark Kimono flowing with her and finally Jun ran at Asuka and her niece struck her hard with her elbow, she then thrust her palm into Jun’s chest and then performed the ‘Heart Stopper’ and ‘Heavens Hammer,’ from there Asuka performed her ‘Night Sky’ and then ‘Moon Scent’ attacks and ended with the ‘White Heron Dance.’ She had over-run Jun and then went for the ‘Spinning Heel Drop’ and when she connected, Jun fell to the ground.

Kazuya was going to aim for Asuka who stood over Jun and stopped when he saw her on her hands and knees laughing. A wolf began to growl from the ethers and a purple puddle began to spread from Jun’s body and fill the stream of water and overflow around her and Asuka. Asuka backed up from Jun and saw her Aunt’s clothes vanish to become what appeared to be a slinky covering of the purple ooze that was coming from her body. Jun had become the ‘Unknown’ force and she stood and looked at Asuka with yellow eyes and a scorn-filled smile upon her lips.

The fight continued.

PRT 11 Unknown Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 11.

Unknown, began to lay waste to Asuka with strange attacks that did not resemble any from the Kazama School; hands of purple ooze reached out from the overflow of murk and grabbed Asuka and drew her under for only a brief moment injuring her in the process. Unknown had control over some sick part of nature and Asuka did all she could just to survive these horrid attacks. Finally the white feathered wings spawned from Asuka’s back and her eyes became gold with the tribal of gold showing on every exposed part of the young Kazama’s skin. The fight would now be taken to another level.

Asuka and Unknown exchanged blows and were becoming physically drained as their mental prowess was being held a loft by what possessed them. The Angel could not take over Asuka; however, the young Kazama had the power of the Angel. She began forming golden arcs of energy in her hands and using them to harm Unknown—Asuka’s goal was to remove the possession from Jun and that is what she began to do.

A wolf howled and Asuka released a large volume of energy from her body burning away the purple ooze and within moments, Jun had started her return as the possession left her body and the murky flood steamed away. Jun fell to the ground—oddly clothed as she was before—unconscious…

“The winner! Asuka Kazama!” The announcer called, and at that, Kazuya, Jin and Heihachi took their leave.

“Why! Why don’t you help her, why don’t you return to your castle with her! Answer me!” Asuka yelled as her wings retracted into her back and the golden tribal faded.

“Why? That’s simple; she is weak,” Jin said as he turned his back to his cousin and mother and made his way from the scenic battleground.

“You sick mother fu…” Asuka started to say but was interrupted by Jun who had awoken and said, “It’s ok Asuka…let them go; one at a time you will save them, for now, let them be,” Jun said weakly slowly getting to her feet.
“But? He’s your son, Jin is your son, how could he…” Asuka was silenced by Jun who said firmly; “Asuka!”

Asuka looked down and said softly, “Yes Jun-San.”


Asuka sat up straight in a chair as Jun carefully mended the Sakura branch; she also cleaned Asuka’s hair and tied it tighter. Asuka wore a white baseball tee with the number 5 on her left breast side and the short sleeves were gold. She wore her pink vinyl shorts and sat with her hands folded in her lap.

“You aren’t like Nee-Chan…” Jun laughed then continued, “He was very serious about the martial art and wouldn’t stray from the teachings no matter what. You however, have found ways to make it fun or enjoyable…you wanted to dance; Eddy right?”

“Not really, it was Christie-San,” Asuka replied.

“Ah, that’s right, he took on a student…Eddy and I go way back; we met in an earlier tournament, he was quite good…I’ll admit that I know I saw the match between you and Christie, but for some reason its hazy…a lot of things are hazy, but its ok now, I remember who I am and I won’t stray from that again—Jun is Jun; as Asuka is Asuka…You know, I really loved Kazuya; he wasn’t always—well, the way he is, he was very kind-hearted as a boy; it wasn’t until his father had…uh, ‘tested’ him that he changed. You see, when Kazuya was a young boy, Heihachi threw him off of a cliff and told him that if he could climb back up then he was truly his son—doing this had brought out the Devil Gene and filled Kazuya with hatred and that is what started the war within the family. Everything is Heihachi’s fault and with the possession of the Devil, Kazuya is now lost…Jin too…my son. It’s not a good situation that is going on right now. Asuka, tomorrow, you will be put through a gauntlet, you will fight both Kazuya and Jin, you must remove the Devil within them both in order to save them; it’ll take a lot to do this, but I know you can, because you are very strong; do you understand Asuka?” Jun said softly.

“Yes Jun-San, I understand…” Asuka replied. When Jun was finished with Asuka’s hair, Asuka opened her phone and autodialed a number and handed the phone to Jun who took it and looked at it. She could hear a voice on the other end of the line say, “Asuka?”

Jun became emotional and tears began to well up in her eyes and she brought the phone closer to her ear and said, “Nee-Chan; its Jun…I’ve missed you…”

Asuka stood from the chair and left the room, going out through the sliding glass doors onto the balcony to give Jun time to talk with her brother—Asuka’s father; she looked out to the bright city lights that illuminated the night and smiled gently. Tomorrow Asuka would face her Uncle and Cousin, one after the next—then Heihachi…she couldn’t lose—at all costs, Asuka couldn’t lose.

Next time on Tekken MZ, Asuka faces a pair of dangerous opponents; she must destroy the Devil’s with her Angel. She has regained a cheering section in the form of her Aunt, Jun Kazama; will it be enough for her to overcome what awaits her leading to the final battle with Heihachi for control over the Misima Zaibatsu? Find out next week on Tekken Tuesday!

pixel Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 11.

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