Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 12.

A dull bell rang out in the background of the battered shrine in which the real battle was going to take place. There were no fans cheering, there were no reporters present. The shrine was abandoned and dilapidated with a large bell only—the one ringing it was unseen in the guise of darkness.

Asuka wore her Kimono again—the Sakura branch was wrapped tightly with a braiding of red and white ribbon from the crack that Jun had put in the wood. Asuka stood next to her aunt who wore almost a reverse of her outfit that she wore against Asuka; the colors were red with a black silhouette of crows and her headband was red also.

PRT 12 Asuka Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 12.

Heihachi appeared wearing blue ornate hakama pants and wood sandals; there was a great scar upon his chest. His black hair stuck out like lightning and his facial hair almost mimicked what was on his head.

The cameras were at a distance with long, sturdy booms allowing them to be moved around at a safe distance. One of the cameras zoomed in on Heihachi and he began his speech.

“In this, the Tekken MZ, King of Iron Fist Tournament, we have a new rule; after the defeat of Jun Kazama, the winner must face both my son Kazuya and my grandson Jin in a gauntlet battle; however…it’ll be at the same time; no mercy…grand daughter Asuka…” Heihachi laughed darkly as Kazuya and Jin appeared. Both were dressed in loose pants with a design and both were shirtless. Their hair almost matched as they both had the black mass pulled back in a point, Jin had bangs however. Kazuya had massive amounts of scars upon his upper body; front and back and one of his eyes was actually red and glowing—the full possession and control of the Devil Gene. Jin was full of hate and anger, he too had one of his eyes glowing red and the father and son stood side by side; each with one black feathered wing protruding from their back.

Asuka stepped forward as Jun caressed her nieces back; she looked to her uncle and cousin and focused…………………..this wasn’t a joke, this wasn’t a battle, a street fight, a fist fight to settle differences; this was very real and very dangerous. Even with the blessed Sakura in her hair the white feathered wings began to pull from her bare back out of self protection and not even for the purpose of power. Jin and Kazuya parted and shrugged the other black feathered wing from their backs at the same time. This was two on one…Jin had lost his way in the martial arts, he was slow but powerful and he relied more on the Devil than himself. Kazuya was also slow and powerful—the Devil was all that mattered to him. Asuka would have to watch them both so she forced the Angel to retract the white feathered wings so she could rely on her skill and not the excess power that possessed her, however, she didn’t mind her eyes becoming gold and the tribal markings to appear on her skin.

The three circled and Asuka kicked off her heeled shoes—foolish! Why wear something like that? She evened out her position and waited for Heihachi to begin the fight.

“Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama versus Asuka Kazama………………..FIGHT!!!!!” Heihachi cried as he took Jun to a safe place and held on to her arm as they would watch the battle that would finally finish Asuka’s run of victories.

Jin attacked first and Asuka blocked and jammed her elbow into her cousin’s chest, his muscle mass would have protected him if the Angel didn’t give Asuka the strength to overcome it. With Jin down for just a moment, Asuka assaulted Kazuya and he turned her attack around with…it was a fucking electrocution! Asuka screamed in horrid pain, she was electrocuted…by…lightning? What did Kazuya do to her? Asuka’s heart pounded in her chest and the Angel healed her allowing her to block Jin’s next attack on her, she grabbed his wings but he overcame her easily and threw her against a fallen building and Kazuya finished the job by putting Asuka through the bricks.

Asuka’s body stiffened, she could feel chips of cement inside her skin and the impact’s were brutal; it was then that Kazuya began an assault that Jin stood back and watched; however, he wasn’t just watching, he was beginning to mutate with the Devil Gene; bony protrusions rose from his skin which began to turn gray and his wings expanded as horns started to form from the sides of his head; he would turn Asuka inside out when his father was finished with her.

Asuka was slammed against a steel bar and it entered her body as she leaned against it, she could feel it touching a bone within her body; blood dripped from her mouth and her eyes and she was semi-conscious. Kazuya began to mutate as his son Jin did, he appeared more powerful though; the same gray skin, large prominent horns, and larger wings…he backed up to allow his son a crack at Asuka who could only hear Jun screaming and Heihachi laughing.

Devil Jin pulled Asuka from the bar ripping it out of her body and threw her to the ground a few yards away, she dropped like a rag doll and could feel that the Angel was starting to heal her, she started moving slowly as her cousin was coming to kill her. Finally, Asuka couldn’t take it anymore, the screams of Jun, the horrid pain in her battered body, the thought of not being able to see her Emilie again…or even her father…………….

Asuka cracked the Sakura branch within her hair and pulled it out; she threw off her kimono exposing just the wrapping around her breasts and her groin and spawned the white feathered wings from her back and a golden halo appeared over her head—however, this time her mind did not go blank, she was fully aware and in control of the Angel’s power.

Asuka met Jin in battle and in moments she tore the Devil Gene from his body breaking a red gem that was just below his neck; she then summoned up all the power that she possessed and slaughtered the Devil in a near instant with a flood of golden energy. Jin fell to the ground and the black tribal tattoo on his arm began to fade…after the fight within himself and the chaos he began on the planet, the Devil was finally vanquished from his body; it was what he wanted…and, he was still alive, but unconscious.

Devil Kazuya came at Angel Asuka and red beams of energy came from his eyes and hands; she blocked them with her white feathered wings and then with her palms facing her uncle, she sent a huge mass of golden energy at him—upon impact Kazuya fell, but remained as the Devil; so Asuka flew over to him on her wings and landed right on top of him and she began punching at the spot below his neck where the red jewel was embedded into his skin and finally after blood and broken fingers—the jewel cracked and the personification of the Devil appeared; Asuka quickly dispatched it with her power and finally the matching tribal symbol on Kazuya’s arm vanished; he too was free of the evil that had possessed him.

Asuka fell to her knees, her wings were pulled back and upwards and the halo glowed above her head. She could hear Heihachi declare her the winner as he yelled in anger that his son and grandson were as weak as Jun; but that didn’t matter, he would kill Asuka himself…

Suddenly Asuka screamed in horrid pain and the wings retracted from her back and the halo vanished; a ghostly figure was appearing from her body and beginning to solidify as it fully left Asuka’s presence. Heihachi and Jun looked in shock and Asuka looked up at the face she saw within her mind for what felt like her entire life.

PRT 12 Angel Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 12.

The Angel was beautiful with pale skin, bright yellow hair and white feathered wings, she had jewels adorning her and she floated above Asuka whose body was fully healed; her clothes were a mess, but nothing showed.

“What is it that you wish Nihon?” The Angel said in an eerie echo.

“I wish you to leave me be…” Asuka replied.

“Then so it shall be…Goodbye Asuka Kazama, you have served me well,” The Angel said and pulled her wings back and flew lightning fast to the heavens.

Heihachi laughed as he came closer to Asuka and said, “It looks like you are nothing but a little girl now…what a shame, you really don’t know what you are in for do you?”

“I’ll defeat you, no matter what it takes, I will win and save the Earth from your terror,” Asuka said strongly.

“Good luck with that kid, I’ll see you tomorrow…” Heihachi laughed as he walked away leaving Kazuya and Jin laying upon the ground defeated; they were weak and had no place in the Zaibatsu anymore; as always, Heihachi was the king of the iron fist and didn’t need anyone to be around him or get in his way.

Jun ran to Asuka and covered her with the black and spider web patterned Kimono and took her in her arms, she noticed that Asuka was staring at Heihachi’s back with the look of determination.


Asuka lay in the hotel bathtub, she didn’t want to get out for any reason and when her phone rang she looked at the screen and thought to herself, if she drops it she’ll only get electrocuted, she got to experience that twice, how bad can a phone be?

The name was ‘Emilie’ on the screen and she answered.

“One more Asuka…are you ready? Even without the Angel, are you prepared?” Lili said seriously.

“I have a problem…you see, I now have three room mates and I don’t want them here—family or not,” Asuka replied.

“I don’t understand, you have to fight Heihachi Mishima tomorrow, you don’t know what you are getting into,” Lili said calmly.

“Yes, yes, that’s what everyone keeps telling me—but you don’t understand, they are like different people; Jun-San is cooking and Jin and Kazuya-San are watching fights on the television…its like a family circus out there man…” Asuka said nonchalantly.

“Slow down with the Kansai, learning Japanese was a pain in the ass, you keep throwing me off…So, they aren’t crazed killers anymore; do they remember anything?” Lili said.

“Yes, but it’s as though something is stopping them from caring; as though a huge change occurred. I can’t even poop in peace anymore! Jun-San is babying me as though she were my mother!” Asuka said.

“And that’s bad how?” Lili asked.

“I don’t know…I didn’t have a mother growing up…” Asuka started.

“Neither did I, I don’t have a father now either—enjoy having a family Asuka; now close your mouth and listen to me; Heihachi is dangerous, he is young too, his body is like iron and he produces electricity far greater than Kazuya; when he throws you, you’ll land in a pit made with your own body and if he grabs you he’ll break you in two…” Lili began.

“Yes Miss. Emilie, I know…I just spent hours practicing counters to everything that Heihachi will throw at me…I said they are like a family circus, I didn’t say that they wouldn’t or didn’t help me along. I’m ready Emilie, I won’t lose; I understand the severity of this whole situation, I’m ready to fight for the greater good of the world…and I’ll come home to you, alive and well…I miss you Emilie, I want to be with you; and I hope you want to be with me too?” Asuka said softly.

“I don’t want anything else but to be with you Asuka darling; so come back to me…be strong, you can do it…” Lili said.

Next time on Tekken MZ, the big finish, the final battle between Asuka and Heihachi! Will Asuka defeat the Tekken Lord or will he put her to sleep forever? Find out next time on Tekken Tuesday, the final part is coming!

pixel Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 12.

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