Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 13.

To YOU, the reader; this is the final part of my Tekken MZ fan fiction, please enjoy it to the fullest and even comment on what you think of it and the whole series in general; and as always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it.


PRT 13 Asuka Gold Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 13.

Asuka stood before young Heihachi in her glossy, golden, vinyl bodysuit that was inlayed with white leather; on the back was a large free form, white and black flying bird. She looked up at her much larger opponent; he was going to be worse than any of the others, even the devils; for Heihachi was pure evil—evil incarnate; there was no façade for him to hide behind except for his youthful features.

Jun, Jin and Kazuya looked on outside of the cage that was raised above the ground and surrounded by sharp, steel pongee sticks that would send anyone who had fallen from the prison to their death. Asuka was their family, the one who freed them from their possessions, the one they actually learned to love.

Lili watched on the huge television with Sebastian by her side as Asuka and Heihachi sized each other up; she leaned in concerned; this was serious, Asuka, her darling little Tomboy might not be returning to her this time.

Law and Phoenix pulled themselves up in their beds in the hospital with both small televisions tuned to the tournament, they watched as they would soon witness the end of the tournament in which they themselves had entered for the purpose of riches and fame.

As he packed his belongings, Bruce Irvin looked at a television within his room at the Zaibatsu, he was still feeling the embarrassment that came at the hands of Asuka Kazama—but he couldn’t take his eyes off the screen; he had to view the final match.

Eddy sat with Christie on the hotel bed as they too would see Asuka face her fate. Christie wanted to dance with the teenager again and deep down, so did Eddy; they both wished for her safe return.

Anna sat next to Nina in her hospital bed; for the first time in years they put aside their feud to see history or time marching on…

King and Marduk leaned on the ropes of a wrestling ring as they viewed the sky monitors in the stadium in which they would perform this evening, they would see Asuka either make her last performance a show to remember, or die in the process.

Miharu helped Ling to view the TV in her hospital room, with Jinrei and Panda by their side, they would watch as their friend Asuka battled against Heihachi for the prize; for now, the pain had faded from the silent Ling as she focused on two of the people in which she cared for very much.

Sergei Dragunov was curious, he wasn’t going to view the last battle after his loss to Asuka, but something stopped him in the airport and he looked up at one of the screens showing the final round of the King of Iron Fist Tournament, he had changed his mind. putting all of his attention to the television as he began to hum a tune, the tune his mother sang as she washed the laundry in Mother Russia, the tune in which he learned by her side…

“May I speak grandfather?” Asuka asked politely.

“You may, “Heihachi said with a laugh.

“This has been a long and terrible road in which I traveled in order to make it this far; now tell me, why was there an Angel in me?” Asuka said firmly.

“You really want to know; even with it ascending from your body…fine, now is as good a time as any to tell you. When you were born—rather, while you were still with-in your mother, I had sent an unknown party to inject the Angel gene which I acquired from Angel during the second tournament. Where my son and grandson were devils, I would make you, the daughter of Jun’s brother an Angel. At first, there were no signs that the cell alteration had been successful, but it was when you were taught to fight in the Kazama style that the signs were coming at an alarming rate.
You were a child of great skill which brimmed your confidence—yet, you were raised properly and would remain a good girl until someone rubbed you the wrong way—so to say, it would then bring out your fighting spirit and the more you fought, the more you became one with the Angel. In tournaments five and six you were defeated by Wang Jinrei and then Baek Doo San and your reaction to the losses was far from childish; and this anger in which you held deep within had brought the Angel to the surface and that was in your battle with Craig Marduk…after all, he killed you…” Heihachi stopped his story when he saw the look on Asuka’s face of disbelief.

“What are you talking about, Marduk didn’t kill me,” Asuka said quietly.

“Of course he did, the man is a giant compared to you and when you were ‘put through the floor’ your body fell apart internally and you left this world for only a moment; then the Angel healed you and demanded that you take vengeance by prejudging him and for you to punish him by taking his life in return. Isn’t that correct? You were going to kill him in that split second before your girlfriend stopped you?” Heihachi said.

“Oh Kami-Sama…I had died and I was going to kill him…?” Asuka said softly.

“From there, you fought against Marshall Law and he had angered you when you hit your head on the concrete floor of the convention hall, so after the Angel took you out of a very temporary unconsciousness, you broke his leg and put him through the glass of an automobile—judged and punished.
As the fights went on, you started to show more and more of the Angel Gene and finally you were inches from death at the hands of King and the Angel made judgment on you by causing you to suffer to understand that you needed the power—yet, you repressed it in your joyous fights with Irvin, Phoenix and Monteiro; however the others weren’t so lucky; you were going to kill Dragunov and then Xiaoyu was probably the closest until you had a Sakura blessed and ripped the possessions out of Jun, Kazuya and Jin; and in the end, you lost the Angel and returned to who you were meant to be, yet your great skill remains, the vengeance and judgment has been removed from your body…that and your power; you can no longer heal and if death pays you a visit; there is nothing you can do about it.
That is all you need to know, there is nothing more to tell grand daughter, now we will fight for the prize; you are all alone in this ring, there is no one who can save you and I am merciless when it comes to keeping what is mine…get ready to fight the true Tekken, the true King of Iron Fist” Heihachi said.

Asuka was in shock, she didn’t know what to do; for the first time she was—scared, so scared that she stared at Heihachi like a deer looking into the headlights of a car about to hit it…

“Asuka! Remember, just because an Angel gave you the power to overcome such terrible odds, you are you; you are Asuka Kazama and you have the power with-in yourself to make your wishes and dreams come true,” Jun said. Asuka looked at her aunt and then turned to Heihachi and formed her Kazama stance, she was ready; this was what it was all about, she would defeat Heihachi and become the Princess of Iron Fist; everyone was watching and she couldn’t let them down.

Heihachi clenched his fists and stomped the floor of the cage, he wore a black torn up Karategi with the head of a lion upon the back and a red belt tied at his waist, he looked so domineering that Asuka had to take a deep breath. Asuka thought of what her father had taught her, she would use everything she had, she had to win at all costs.

“Asuka Kazama versus Heihachi Mishima………………………..FIGHT!!!” The announcer called and Asuka ran at Heihachi and struck him in the stomach with her mighty palm thrust………..Asuka screamed in horrid pain as her hand bent in as all of the energy in her strike vanished in an instant; it was as though Heihachi was made of iron….Lili was right…

Heihachi laughed and struck Asuka multiple times, some she blocked, but the pain from the strikes was just horrendous and it felt like she took the hit anyhow. Asuka used a roundhouse kick and Heihachi blocked it and tossed her like she was nothing but a bag of trash and she rammed into the steel fencing that surrounded them; her bodysuit protected her, but she felt the physical force.

Asuka couldn’t waver for even a moment, so she summoned up as much energy as she could and got to her feet and landed a fast ‘Minazuki’ on Heihachi getting behind him, the attack once again did nothing and even so, she attacked again with her ‘Heavens Hammer’ which only made her feel the pressure through her elbow pad.

Asuka backed up, she had to watch Heihachi closely, he was coming for her out of sheer boredom and she tried to avoid his low, spinning attack that let off a stream of electricity as Kazuya did, she was careful and the training that she received had paid off causing Heihachi to become mildly surprised that she avoided one of his most powerful attacks.

There was a huge crowd around the cage, this was the final battle, so it was to be expected; there were screams of cheers and Asuka couldn’t hear her family over them; she was alone this time. The hard strikes didn’t do any damage to Heihachi, so she knew what she would have to do.

Asuka ran at her grandfather and clenched her left fist tightly, she pulled her arm back and struck him with all of the force in her body…she finally caused Heihachi pain which was audible with a grunt, but in the process, Asuka could feel her bones crack from her fingers to her forearm. It was the only way wasn’t it? The pain…she was in so much pain…

Asuka began a wave of attacks in the same fashion and finally was stopped by Heihachi who lifted Asuka over his shoulders, he then jumped and when he landed Asuka could feel like she was broken in half; she let out an ear piercing scream and then was thrown to the floor.

Nothing was broken, but the pain, it was so horrible, even with the protection, she just couldn’t do it…but she had to, didn’t she? Asuka got to her feet—a bit wobbly this time and began her assault and was blocked with every strike, she then snuck in the ‘Heart Stopper’ which wasn’t hard enough, it did nothing except cause her to get grabbed by her opponent and thrown again into the fencing of the cage.

At this point, Asuka had little to no use of her left arm, the cracks in her bones were stating to make her go through a mild form of shock which was both good and bad; the pain was less and she could continue, but on the negative side, she could pass out or die.

Asuka took a few hard hits—a mixture of punches and kicks from Heihachi—one of the kicks broke the ribs on the right side of her body causing her to fall to her knees and grab her side as she was then punched in the face. Asuka was now dizzy, she could hardly see—so she got up and began her fight again as though this was the beginning and lay the hardest punches that she could into Heihachi; he was grunting as the attacks made contact and all the while, Asuka was cracking the bones in her arms and legs—the pain wasn’t going to stop, so she continued a one-two punch keeping Heihachi into a corner, and kept wailing on him one, two, one, two—over and over again. Each shot had caused more and more cracks to form in her bones weakening her to the point of exhaustion; but she couldn’t stop, she had to win.

Finally, Heihachi became weak and dizzy and that meant that Asuka could go for the finish, she stepped back and stumbled with cracked bones in her legs and then began an array of kicks on Heihachi and finished with a hard slam that took the rest of her energy—the slam was aimed at one of the corner posts of the steel cage—“Curse you!!!” Heihachi cried……………..The post had bent and Heihachi’s head made contact with it, he was…unconscious!

Around her, there was a mixture of sound, she couldn’t hear what people were saying in her near-death state; but the group that entered the once closed and locked cage was a mixture of reporters, Jun, Jin and Kazuya and even lawyers. One of the lawyers put a multi-page document in front of Asuka and handed her a pen and Jun dug in her pocket for Asuka’s seal stamp and applied the ink and handed it to her which she held loosely in her cracked fingers, she signed where the lawyer pointed and then placed her stamp on each section…everything around her was blurry—what did she just sign?

The announcer called loudly, “The winner and new King of Iron Fist Champion! Asuka Kazama!!!!!!!”

So, she had won; but her win might have cost her, her life, she felt ill and weak, dizzy and distant; someone was holding on to her…it was Kazuya, he was the strongest, so he really was a different person after the Devil was removed.

Hysteric screaming began to get closer from a distance as the crowd was pushed to the side for this persons entrance; they ran quickly and entered the open cage making a straight shot at Heihachi who was coming to. It was Lee Chaolan, the adopted son of Heihachi Mishima, the crazy one, the one who had a horrible jealousy of Kazuya, the one who wanted the Mishima Zaibatsu for himself…Heihachi looked at his young, silver-haired adopted son and in a mere instant, Lee had struck Heihachi causing the fence poll to break and for Heihachi to fall to his death—this time, it was his true death, there would be no return this time, after all, it was Heihachi who had pongee sticks placed around the cage and as his body sunk into them he bled and passed from the world forever.

PRT 13 Lee Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 13.

Lee turned to Asuka and said, “Get lost Kazuya, this is between me and the girl, she is the only one who I can receive my rightful property from…fight me Kazama…I will take what is mine from you!”

Kazuya was pissed and said, “Asuka isn’t in any shape to fight again, and you have no right to the Zaibatsu, you murdered my father—at one time that would have been a good thing, but it is unacceptable! I will fight you myself!”

“No…he is right, I am the sole owner of the Zaibatsu and everything that comes with it; it is only fair…” Asuka said weakly as she stumbled to her feet. Asuka took the Kazama stance and looked up at Lee whose stance was built on the basis of his great speed; something that Asuka could not allow him to use; it had to be a knockout and a quick one.

Asuka zipped up her gold, vinyl bodysuit for protection and waited for the official call; she had signed the documents and didn’t have to accept the challenge, but this was for show, she had to cement her control over the Zaibatsu.

Lee Chaolan versus Asuka Kazama…FIGHT!” The announcer cried and Lee began a speedy assault on Asuka. At this point, Asuka was probably in need of serious medical care, so she took every blow; kick after kick from Lee—she spit blood from her mouth and bruises were everywhere. Lee kicked her in the left then the right of her body causing her broken ribs to collapse; still not touching her lungs, but Asuka was smart enough to know that if she didn’t end this now, she would die.

Asuka waited for the right moment as she endured Lee’s horrible attacks and finally used the ‘Heart Stopper’ except…it was kind of low this time…Lee froze as he could feel his manly parts take a shot that may never heal…Asuka then used both elbows and performed her ‘Heavens Hammer’ dropping Lee to the floor, she then mounted him and wrapped her arm around his left leg first and lay her booted foot into the back of his knee and jerked his leg, braking it by separating it from his knee; she then did the same to the other as the air filled with screams of horrendous pain from Lee.; she finally forced him to his useless feet and performed a ‘Dragon Wheel Kick’ and knocked Lee Chaolan out; he fell to the floor and the announcer cried, “The winner, Asuka Kazama!”

Jun took hold of Asuka and she finally passed out, all went black, but inside her bodysuit was the prize, no one could take her victory from her now.


It had been five months since the near death experience and the final battle with Lee as Asuka had solidified her position as the owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Asuka had no need to rename it the Kazama or Asuka Zaibatsu because she had it torn down to the ground—everything…the secret labs, the main office building, Heihachi’s castle, all of the secret safe houses; there was nothing left.

Most of the Tekken Force had either been imprisoned or escaped and left the country, but Asuka was using some of the financial winnings to find them and make them pay for their crimes.

The underground areas were filled in with cement and all research was destroyed. The buildings above ground were demolished and the land was turned into parks. Kazuya and Jin, Jun and Ling all had to pay for the things in which they did to the world and were all now park rangers and tour guides—it was acceptable and each of them got used to it and even found it fun…Kazuya was a tough sell, but even he found a love of nature and had finally become engaged to Jun…they needed to finally marry and Jin was happy for the first time in years that his parents would finally be together and they would be a family.

Jun and Kazuya had handled a very serious matter for Asuka after she had become unconscious at the end of her fight with Lee. Lars was going to take Lee to the private Mishima prison—that was uncalled for, so Kazuya looked at his golden clad niece who was inches from death and told his half brother Lars that Lee would be imprisoned by the law of the land, not the corporation.

Lars had left, his heart was actually very heroic, so he went to perform good deeds away from Japan; it was for the best because Asuka had zero tolerance for any of the old dealings of the Zaibatsu.

Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix returned to New York City to open a Dojo and retire from tournaments; they found it best to teach others than to be after a prize; they wanted to find themselves in the martial arts again.

Nina and Anna had not made peace, but they avoided each other—somehow, Asuka’s actions after winning the tournament had taught them there were better things in life then to try to kill each other.

King and Marduk had become the pro wrestling tag champions and were starting to live more of a balanced lifestyle where they could be better people. Marduk had no idea that he actually killed Asuka that night in the underground fight; he had sent a large amount of flowers to Asuka’s hospital room as she healed.

Bruce Irvin had vanished, some say he returned to either New York or Chicago and was following in the footsteps of Law and Phoenix and teaching martial arts—his version of teaching was volunteering at a youth center…the humiliation at the hands of a 17 year old in her school uniform was just too much—her win in the tournament made him understand her purpose—in turn, Irvin now had a purpose of his own.

Christie and Eddy married, the age difference was simply ignored and they lived in his parents estate in Brazil; they continued to do Capoeira, except they did it as performers for schools that taught the art…Christie found that Asuka’s win and actions had led to peace, the end of a war and so, she used her skills with her beloved Eddy for show instead of violent acts.

Sergei Dragunov had returned to Russia; he remained with the SPETZNAZ but his mind wandered a lot in his free time….he thought about Asuka; what she symbolized, her marking the end of an era; it was strange; so until he figured out his thoughts and feelings on this, he would sing a gentle Russian folk song every night before bed in Asuka’s honor.

The money had vanished quickly—countless amounts of Yen…most went to charity, the building of her parks, the removal of the Mishima Zaibatsu from the face of the Earth and a little to make her home–her fathers Dojo, a bit more modern and nicer-looking, it was her gift to him. A good portion went to many other places in order to get rid of the dirty money; cleaning it by using it for positive acts. Asuka had now controlled numerous charities and knew everything that was going on within them at all times.

Her father had forced her to keep enough to pay the tuition for University and she did…Where would Asuka go though…?

Asuka was 18 now and left back as a third year Senior in high school because of her long absence; she didn’t mind though and understood that the months in the hospital and the tournament itself took a lot from what was important and that was her schooling—after all, she did test to get into the school; she had to finish, even if she was the wealthiest girl in all of Japan—well, before giving the money away or putting it into other things.


The wait at the Monaco airport was just moments, she saw a sign that read: Kazama Asuka-San—an older man was holding it…it was Sebastian, Lili’s butler.

PRT 13 Asuka Uniform Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 13.

Wearing her school uniform, Asuka went over to Sebastian and bowed and he responded for her to follow him to the car, as Asuka already had her bags which the butler insisted on carrying for her. Asuka wasn’t used to being served, so it took a little coaxing for her to let Sebastian carry her luggage.

Asuka walked a bit slow and rough, she was told that fighting would be something that she should quickly lose interest in; her body was ravaged by Heihachi and the strain from the possession of the Angel, her temporary death and the seemingly endless hits to her already battered and broken body from Lee had finished her off. At 18 years old, Asuka Kazama would and could never fight again.

Sebastian was moving a bit slow himself—thankfully—hiding her condition wasn’t easy, the internal scarring on her bones and muscles made it very painful to do much activity, let alone walking to the airport’s parking lot.

Before her was a long white limo, it was so amazing! She went for the front passenger door but Sebastian had stopped her after loading her bags into the large trunk saying, “The rear of the car is prepared for you Miss; we have a bit of a journey ahead of us and your comfort is of the utmost importance.”

Asuka didn’t know what to say in reply as Sebastian opened the rear door and Asuka looked in at what appeared to be a living room or something of the like…A television, bar, comfy seats…it was all there. Asuka climbed in carefully, wincing at the pain in her legs and ribs—even healed, the nerves would never be the same—she had to take her medication, it had worn off from the flight.
Sebastian closed the door and went to the front drivers’ side and began pulling away from the airport. Asuka looked out the window with her hands folded lightly in her lap, her legs were partially spread even with her short, blue, plaid, pleated skirt on—she didn’t realize it for a bit, then gently put her knees together and slid her feet apart.

The view outside of the dark windows was amazingly beautiful, it was full of rustic countryside and nature; they would travel through cities and see Casinos and shopping Mecca’s, but that was just part of the journey.

Asuka searched for water, there were cold bottles of some costly spring water in a small refrigerator…she hated bottled water, where did the bottle REALLY go after it was empty? She dug through her left pocket in her skirt and pulled out a small bottle of pills and opened the lid, shook a pill out and then resealed it and pushed it back into her pocket. Asuka opened the water and took her pill, swallowing it after a little battle.

Asuka sat back with local music playing on the stereo, however, she noticed her Ro-Kyu-Bu! Album and laughed a little as she loaded the CD into the stereo and tuned the volume up a little. She listened to Yoko Hikasa sing her solo and closed her eyes so she could relax; there was just so much traveling involved.

They had arrived at the…What to call it…? Palace De Rochefort? Lili really had everything didn’t she? Where Asuka lived in a small dojo, Lili lived in a castle. Sebastian parked the car at the door and opened the back for Asuka and as Kazama looked around at the grounds and the building itself, the butler retrieved Asuka’s bags from the trunk.

Sebastian offered for Asuka to follow him and they entered. At the inner entrance Asuka began to remove her shoes, however the butler said that wasn’t necessary…This wasn’t Japan; what was she doing?

With her shoes slid back on, Asuka followed Sebastian to a hall on the upper floors and to a room towards the rear of the wing of the house they were in. He then opened the door and bowed; extending his arm to allow Asuka to enter the room.

Asuka looked around the huge bedroom in awe, it had huge windows, a sliding door leading to a balcony, a huge ‘princess’ bed and the usual furnishings of a room, there was also a door leading to what must have been a private bath.

The one thing Asuka noticed, was what appeared to be a dress form covered with a black cloth; it made her curious…did Lili want to ‘dress’ for dinner?

“What’s that?” Asuka asked pointing to the black covering.

“Ah, the Miss wishes for you to change into that garment; then I will take you to meet her,” Sebastian said as he took leave and waited outside the double doors in which he closed for Asuka’s privacy.
Asuka wasn’t one to wear dresses, but why not? She then went over to the dress form and removed the sheet…..It wasn’t a dress; it was…her red fighting costume? The one that was destroyed by the bears and the Angel…why? Lili knew Asuka couldn’t fight anymore. OH!!! She probably got turned on by her wearing it, that’s it…Lili the perv; why not?

With all the pieces included, the elbow pads with the gauntlets, the boots, the halter and the glossy red vinyl bodysuit with the large black and white flying bird on the back, Asuka got dressed and tried to readjust her slightly longer hair which she didn’t cut from her time in the hospital. Asuka looked in a large, elegant mirror and tried to pose…maybe something cute like a heart shape with her hands, however, her fingers were still pained and when she tried to curve them she stopped abruptly and let her arms go to her sides. Asuka looked around embarrassed and then knocked on the inner door to let the butler know that she was done.

“Ah, excellent, shall we be on our way then?” Sebastian said and Asuka followed him.

There was a bunch of twists and turns throughout the large house to get to where Lili was waiting—probably her office, she must not be able to get much rest running the oil company.

They stopped at a large double door that was made of heavy, ornate wood—definitely Lili’s office. Sebastian opened the doors a slight bit and allowed Asuka to enter.

Asuka opened both doors to a creek and looked before her in horror; it was a huge fight ring, and everyone was there! Nina and Anna Williams, Christie and Eddy, Phoenix and Law, Dragunov, King, Marduk, Ling, Miharu, Lars, Lee, Kazuya, Jin, Jun…so many, more and more on top of the ones she noticed quickly…but upon a stage was Lili, dressed in her white suit of lace and frills and with her was…Heihachi!

Everyone in the room turned and looked at her and the doors were closed behind her, locking Asuka in the room with those whom she defeated.

PRT 13 Lili Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 13.

“Miss Kazama! It’s so wonderful to see you again…I’m sure everyone else is just as excited!” Lili said happily.

“What…What’s going on Emilie, I don’t understand?” Asuka said nervously.

“Why, what do you think Miss Kazama…? Welcome, to the King of Iron Fist Tournament LDR—everyone is sooooooooo looking forward to seeing if they can kill you and I hope that when we fight that I bury you in the ground!” Lili replied with a smile and then the look of scorn.

The huge group began to crowd around Asuka and she could hear a kind of gibberish that they were saying, there were too many for the words to be properly audible…then she could hear Lili again; “This is revenge Miss Kazama, welcome to hell Miss Kazama, you don’t have a chance Miss Kazama….”

“Miss Kazama, Miss Kazama; Miss Kazama….we’ve arrived at the estate,” Sebastian said softly as he gently woke Asuka from her sleep; the pain pills were strong and she must have slept most of the ride.

As Asuka looked around the back of the limo hoping that what had just happened was nothing more than a bad, medication induced dream, Sebastian unloaded her CD from the radio and replaced it in the case; he handed it to her with a smile and then went to the trunk to retrieve Asuka’s bags.

Asuka carefully got out of the long car and looked around at the large home upon a huge piece of land—it was a bit different than it was in her dream; much larger…

Sebastian led Asuka in and to an elevator which took them to the third level and then upon arrival, he slowly led Asuka to a room which would be hers for the time she was staying.

The butler opened the wood; double doors of a large beautiful room with a plush carpet and all the amenities of an apartment—once again, different than in her dream. However, there was one familiar thing and that was a dress form that was covered in a white drape in the middle of the room—in the dream it was black…so maybe it wasn’t a dream, it was a premonition of what was to come.

Asuka became nervous and said in a tone of fear and anger, “What’s this! What the hell is this?”

“The Miss wishes you to dress for dinner, it’s her special present to you,” Sebastian said softly.

“It’s my fucking red bodysuit isn’t it?!? It’s because Lili is running the tournament now and she’s going to have the lot of them kill me, isn’t she!” Asuka screamed.

PRT 13 Lili stat ver Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 13.

“Darling Asuka, what are you going on about?” Lili said coming to the door, she wore an amazing red with white outfit that was full of lace, frills and didn’t leave all that much to the imagination; she looked very pretty and had knee high white boots that enhanced her appearance even more.

Asuka looked at Lili in shock with a bit of excitement caused by her appearance, she then said, “I know what’s under here, you are going to make me fight for my life aren’t you, its all been lies and getting me to this point was just so you could set me up for the worse fall yet!”

“Miss Kazama…I know you’ve been though a lot, the possession of the Angel, the endless fights, the near death experiences, fighting a forest demon and a pair of Devil; Heihachi and then Lee…but I have no ill intentions, so please, just look under the covering; my adorable little Tomboy,” Lili replied gently.

“I know what it is, I saw it, I saw that it’s my red bodysuit, I saw…” Asuka stopped her nervous rant as she pulled off the white covering from the dress form; she then immediately choked up and began crying as she saw what Lili had presented to her. The dress was made of glossy blue vinyl; it had buckling shoulder straps and even ‘D’ rings at the waist just above the row of pleats at the bottom. The center had a long zipper and it looked amazing from the front. The back was open with a single ‘D’ ring at the top center just below the neck line and the center of the back was laced in black with grommets reinforcing it. On the inside of the dress was a sheer black top and on a rack at the base of the dress form were knee high black boots and a single black, fingerless glove. It was the whole outfit, the whole outfit that Yoko Hikasa wore in the Ro-Kyu-Bu! Concert…Lili had it remade for her?

“It’s the real dress, actually everything is real, you may have to change the shoulder straps position because you are an inch taller than Hikasa-San, but I was able to get the actual costume for you—its amazing the kinds of contacts I have now that I am in control of the oil company. I knew you liked it, so I bought it for you as a present for winning the King of Iron Fist; I hope you like it?” Lili said softly.

“I love it! I’m so sorry for my behavior, the tournament really ruined my life; I’m just so upset, I can’t control my feelings anymore and I’m in pain all the time, even with the medication—and that messes with my mind,” Asuka said in tears.

Lili had come over to embrace Asuka and she said, “I understand how you are feeling; this isn’t a video game or a movie where you can just get up and walk away, this was a long, hard and dangerous fight—death was around every corner, especially at the end; but you did it, you won and changed the world for the better, there is no more choke hold on the nations anymore because of the Mishima Zaibatsu, or G-Corporation. You did everything right by punishing those who were let loose to do as they pleased, you destroyed all of the evil within the Zaibatsu and maybe—sadly, Heihachi passing from the world is a good thing; you had nothing to do with it; but as your grandfather, I’m sure you hurt just a little bit; even after what he had done to you. Now, come Asuka darling, get changed and we’ll have fun and I have a surprise for you…Takoyaki!!! Your favorite—that and other things of course…” Lili said.

“Are we having snails too?” Asuka asked a little roughly.

“No, no snails…” Lili giggled.


They were out on Lili’s property, it was a beautiful and clear night, the stars were out and a gentle moon. The girls held hands as they walked a path that was surrounded by flowers—many which Asuka had never seen before. Lili took her time walking as she knew Asuka couldn’t move too quickly anymore, she said, “So, one more year of high school…where do you plan to go to University?”

“I don’t really know yet, but my father insists, I feel bad that I can’t help him anymore with most things and I can’t help him teach his students—reality really bites doesn’t it…for only a few years I was in peak condition and now I’m like an old granny…” Asuka said.

PRT 13 Asuka Dress Final Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 13.

“But, you look great in that outfit, it fits you perfectly, I’m so happy—all I want to do is take you out of it and make love to you all night!” Lili said happily.

The girls stopped and Asuka turned to Lili and said, “Then please Miss Emilie, do as you like to me—take my virginity; there is no one else in the world that I would ever want to spend a lifetime with than you,” Asuka said softly looking up to the taller Lili.

Lili smiled and gently took hold of Asuka’s chin and tilted her head up, she moved closer to her and kissed her lips gently with affection. Although Asuka’s fighting career was over, she still had her whole life ahead of her…she would spend it with Lili; it would make her happy; however all she had done for the sake of others made her realize that regardless of what had become of her body, her mind and heart were in the right place—but, right now, she wanted to be with her Miss Emilie and never part with her…forever…


I would like to personally thank everyone who read the 13 parts of my fan fiction Tekken MZ. Although I feel some parts might have suffered from personal issues and not having the time to write them to my standards, I still feel that they gave the story that was needed.

I would also like to thank fellow writer Kuno for the above drawing of Asuka Kazama wearing the dress that Yoko Hikasa wore in the big Ro-Kyu-Bu! concert–she did a great job for me; I just can’t draw…

I love writing for NERDSociety.com, but sometimes, all things must come to an end or a slower pace. I’ve decided with the publishing of this, the final part of Tekken MZ that I will be contributing on more of a part time basis. I want to focus on my original novels and not writing my own take on someone else’s characters and plotlines. Although I enjoyed writing last years K-ON! Fan fiction and of course this one, I’m at a time in my life where I want to take control of what I write and become properly published.

Again, thanks for reading, not just this, but any of the articles I’ve done throughout the years. I’ll still pop in with something every now and then, but for now, I just want to get my own stories out there for people to read and enjoy.


pixel Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 13.

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