Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 4.

They were on the top of the Nitrino building at 11pm; it was pretty cold and windy at this height. A helicopter was flying around and the fight bystanders were near the edges of the rooftop—cameras in hand. Lili was with her as Asuka prepared for her fight with Nina Williams.

Asuka wore the same red vinyl version of her bodysuit with black faux leather inlays. Her gauntlets and boots matched the one piece outfit which she had zipped above the black nylon belt to cover the mark of the “Golden Devil.” Asuka looked at her arms and thighs to make sure nothing else was appearing—Lili would tell her if markings were appearing on her face or her eyes were golden; right now they were still brown.

Asuka looked over to Nina, she wore a purple, camo outfit with pants and a harness of straps with boots, she had her blonde hair in a ponytail and a nasty look upon her face, she then met eyes with Asuka and the two converged on the flat roof that had nothing more than a bunch of gargoyles and even a glass skylight which was to the center—they both would stay away from that.

Nina was dangerous, she was a real threat, she killed people and Asuka would have to watch what kind of assaults she would use upon her; she would have to protect her neck and nose and make sure that her back didn’t get any major shots—but that was almost secondary due to the fact that Asuka was a horrible devil and she would end up being just as deadly as Nina…or worse.

Asuka and Nina met in the center and the announcer called, “Nina Williams versus Asuka Kazama! Fight!”

Asuka swept in with a palm thrust slamming Nina against one of the gargoyles and causing it to crack away, but she didn’t stop long enough to let Nina come to her senses. Asuka lay in a few kicks and punches as quickly as she could, however Nina only took a few and blocked the rest and then countered the teenager and took her off her feet and then picked her back up and slammed her against the rooftop, she then punched Asuka in the stomach so hard that Kazama lost her breath and groaned out a cry of pain. Nina picked Asuka up off the rooftop again and chopped her in the shoulders and finally slammed her against the concrete causing Asuka to react by landing on her plastic elbow pads at the end of the 99 seconds—clearly, Asuka lost the round.

“You really had a couple of flukes in the beginning there kid, I don’t think you are going any farther, I doubt you’ll be able to get up for the second round—your last,” Nina said.

PRT 4 Asuka Red Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 4.

Lili looked on concerned as Asuka stumbled to her feet—the “Golden Devil” was starting to appear on her stomach below her breasts and Lili was carefully calling out to her a warning. Asuka was bleeding from her head, and her stomach was bruised from the hard punch, she saw the markings appearing and zipped her bodysuit to her halter and looked at Nina with scorn-filled golden eyes.

The second round was called to begin and Asuka appeared in front of Nina with uncanny speed, she let herself go, and began a heavy attack upon her opponent knocking her to the rooftop. Asuka backed up and took a run at Nina who was trying to get to her feet and she jumped and performed a very hard low kick, causing Nina to stay on the ground. Asuka continued to perform low attacks causing her to land on her plastic elbow pads scuffing them and scraping the vinyl of her bodysuit that covered her butt. At this point Nina was in visible pain and when she got to her feet Asuka gave a strong pound with her protected elbow to Nina’s head; the ‘Heavens Hammer’ technique, and Nina fell to the rooftop again and became dizzy; but she wasn’t going to lose to a kid, so she drew up all her strength and went at Asuka with a few death blows which she missed most of them except a shot to Asuka’s chest which knocked Kazama to the ground, however she got back up quickly and when she stood and time for round two was going to be called, Lili cried out when she saw two bulges rise from Asuka’s back pulling her bodysuit tight to the front of her chest. The bulges were on both sides of the black and white flying bird on Asuka’s upper back, she was starting to grow wings!

Asuka won round two and round three began with Nina coming at Asuka with extreme aggression, she wasn’t going to lose and she laid in a few hard kicks which Asuka easily blocked. Asuka decided in her current state of possession to put Nina out permanently, so she led Nina on to the skylight, she was going to put the assassin through it.

The bulges on Asuka’s back began to get larger, they were going to tear through her bodysuit soon and it would be exposed that she was a devil with black, feathered wings; so Asuka hit Nina hard with shots to the head and finally she took hold of Nina and used her inertia to flip her at the glass windows…Nina hit the glass hard and she screamed as she went through it and fell to the floor below hitting it hard and falling unconscious.

“The winner! Asuka Kazama!” The announcer cried. It was obvious, Nina wasn’t getting up from being put through the glass skylight and falling to the floor below…she was probably dead?

Lili screamed after the action that Asuka performed and ran to her and yelled, “What the hell did you do! You killed her!”

Asuka looked up at Lili and said in almost an eerie echo; “No, the woman is still alive, but it’ll be a while before she enters a fight again…or takes another life; she has been judged and punished…”

Asuka fell to the ground and Lili squatted down and took hold of her head and looked over her friend, the bulges on her back were retracting and while they did, Lili unzipped Asuka’s bodysuit and saw the golden markings vanishing from her upper body.

Lili looked up at the blimp that was floating in the sky and saw the tournament rankings…Asuka would face King next…Jun was here, why?

Jun Kazama stepped quietly over to Lili as though she were floating, she wore a white top and black pants that accentuated her butt and were loose around her lower legs so they flowed with the wind; her black hair whisked around a bit, but was held with a white headband.

Jun stopped in front of Lili who still held Asuka, whose eyes were half open, she was beaten and exhausted; the possession had taken a lot out of her.

“What’s wrong with her?” Lili asked directly to Jun without any pleasantries.

“She is possessed by something, but it’s not a Devil, the cameras picked up what she said, ‘judged and punished,’ Asuka may be an Angel, you didn’t think of that did you?” Jun said softly.

“And you? What is inside you?” Lili asked.

“Nothing, what are you talking about?” Jun replied.

“You don’t know—the ‘Unknown.’ You can’t be serious…if Asuka is an Angel, why is she performing such violent acts? I can understand Nina, but Law…why?” Lili asked.

“I don’t know the answers to everything child…Let’s go,” Jun said firmly as a few soldiers had arrived around them, it was the Tekken Force led by Heihachi’s other son Lars, so he was here, but still not Lee?

Lars helped Lili to her feet and pulled her back from Asuka as a pair of Tekken Force soldiers lifted Asuka to her feet, she tried to fight them off, by struggling, but had no strength to do so, so she submitted and they all made their way to the rooftop entrance with Jun leading.


Asuka awoke slowly, she didn’t feel the weight of her boots or the tightness of her gauntlets, but she was wearing her halter and bodysuit which was zipped down below the belt that was still secured at her waist. She lay in a large soft bed with a heavy blanket covering her. Next to Asuka was Lili who was sleeping dressed in her white satin and lace dress, but her boots and gloves were off. Asuka could move easier than she thought; the gold tribal must have restored her, there was no blood, no cuts and no bruises.

Asuka sat up and looked over to Lili, it was odd to sleep with her…but the question was; where was she? Asuka got out of the bed and pulled her boots on and made her way to the door and opened it, there were two Tekken Force guards who turned and told her to return inside. She didn’t say anything and closed the door, but touched the light switch in the room, illuminating it, she then went to the huge windows and looked out…she knew exactly where she was, it was the Mishima Zaibatsu, the corporate building, it was close to the Nitrino Building, so Jun and Lars took them here; were they prisoners?

Asuka looked back and forth out the windows and saw the city below, they were on one of the highest floors with a pair of soldiers keeping them in the room…Asuka could take them both, but if Lili ever woke herself up, she would be able to take one while Asuka could deal with the other…guns made her nervous and the Tekken guards had big ones—and probably little dicks–she laughed.

Lili stirred and opened her eyes slowly and Asuka went over to her and said, “It’s about time you woke up sleeping ugly, what the hell happened?”

“It’s all right Miss. Kazama, your Aunt didn’t bring us here under malicious circumstances; she said she’ll help find out what is happening to you,” Lili said yawning.

“What the hell! Are you serious? There are a few armed guards outside the door, we are prisoners here!” Asuka yelled.

There was a knock at the door and it opened, Ling Xiaoyu had entered with her friend Miharu; both girls were wearing their school uniform which was a white sailor top with the school crest on the left short sleeve; over the top was a blue sweater vest. They both wore a blue plaid, pleated skirt and their white socks were down towards their shoes when they were supposed to be knee high. Asuka looked at Ling’s black twin tails with a pair of green glowing rings holding them together and said, “You never change do you?”

Ling didn’t know what to say, so she smiled quickly, she and Miharu both had serious looks upon their faces.

“What is it Ling? I can tell there’s a catch to all of this, why are we here with guards outside the door?” Asuka said.

“Grandpa wants to test you, to see how far along your Angel is…I’m really sorry, I asked to see you both and go with you so you didn’t feel so threatened,” Ling said quickly.

“Test? What kind of test does Miss. Kazama have to perform that we need a group to make us feel less threatened?” Lili asked pulling on her white fingerless gloves; she had already put her boots on.

“You…you have to fight Kuma and Panda…” Ling replied looking at her feet.

“They are bears…huge bears…killer bears…I know Heihachi is crazy and full of real evil, but this is ridiculous!” Asuka yelled.

“If you are an Angel, then you should be able to win,” Miharu said.

“I don’t want to hurt bears, especially a Panda, why haven’t the Animal rights groups been informed or something, you’ve got to be crazy to walk us into something like this! Lili can’t defeat me, how the hell is she going to take on a huge fucking bear!” Asuka said angered.

“I think you’ll do just fine…the both of you!” Said Heihachi as he came to the door to the room, he wore a lion’s fur suit and his black pointy hair was actually shiny from the close distance.

“Oh Kami-sama…” Asuka said in a breathy voice as she saw her grandfather up close; he was young, huge and had an aura about him of being invincible.

“I guess you could say that I am a god; but it’s not necessary for my granddaughter to call me such…come now, your opponents are waiting,” Heihachi replied.

“You can’t make us do this, what do you gain from making us fight the bears? We have been fair in this tournament since the beginning, why are you so threatened by us…by me?” Asuka said as she put on her gauntlets that Lili had suddenly handed her.

“You are a threat to everything that I hold dear. You broke Marshall Law’s leg, and almost killed Nina Williams; both of these things were live on TV. If the two of you defeat Kuma and Panda, then I’ll let you walk out the door and if you make it though the rest of your challengers, then you can face me; but, if Panda and Kuma—let’s say…happen to kill you, well, then, there is nothing to be concerned about…Guards, get them to the stadium!” Heihachi said and the two Tekken Force soldiers forced Asuka and Lili along with Ling, Miharu and Heihachi following behind.


They were pushed through a door and into a caged ring where there were three other doors in the circle. One door was the exit—it was clearly marked, hopefully it led to the outside where Asuka and Lili could run. The other two doors most likely housed the bears.

“Lili, you fight against Kuma, I’ll take Panda…I don’t want to hurt them too much, just get them knocked down or out so we can get out of here. I also want to face Panda because she is Ling’s bodyguard and I don’t want to do anything damaging; I really believe that Ling is innocent in all of this, she just has an attachment to Jin and that is clouding her decisions,” Asuka said softly.

“…And how am I supposed to fight a huge, brown bear?!” Lili said flustered.

“You have to watch his claws at all costs, then go for the weak spots…crush his balls with your heels if you have to, go for the nose, the neck, the ears; then work on getting him off his feet, just remember, they aren’t just stupid, wild bears, they were trained to do this,” Asuka said.

“O…okay…, oh shit, the doors are opening!” Lili cried.

PRT 4 Panda and Kuma Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 4.

Asuka turned towards the pen doors and saw Panda step out on her hind legs as though she was a person, the huge panda had pink glowing bracelets around both wrists —Ling liked to dress her up. Kuma was simply a huge, brown bear and Lili almost screamed as she saw them both.

Asuka was shorter than Lili and even smaller, so the bears towered over her more-so. In this setting with Heihachi and company watching, she didn’t care what the gold tribal did, so she readied herself in the Kazama fighting stance and looked over to Lili who prepared too.

A PA system could be heard squealing and Heihachi said in a laugh…”Kuma and Panda, Versus Asuka and Lili…fight.”

“This is cruel enough, don’t kill him Lili!” Asuka said as she started running towards Panda who swung her huge paw at the small Japanese girl, Asuka dodged and raised her palm making contact with Panda’s jaw; Panda quickly countered with a smack to Asuka’s body that sent her to the floor of the ring, the claws tore through her bodysuit and caused Asuka to bleed, she cried out in pain and lay on the floor holding the open wounds.

Lili went towards Kuma carefully and waited for him to attack first, she dodged and kicked him in the face causing Kuma to growl and swipe at Lili who avoided his claws and kicked him in the stomach. The strike felt as though Lili had kicked a brick wall and she fell backwards.

Asuka got to her feet and Panda came at her, she performed a jump kick and then a double front flip and then a single back flip—each attack making contact with the huge bear. Panda growled and head butted Asuka into the cage fence and she fell to the floor, this time she didn’t get up, but groaned as she could feel something bruised or broken. The slashes from Panda’s claws opened wider and began bleeding profusely.

Lili was next to take the blunt of Kuma, the brown bear picked her up off the floor and squeezed her body in his huge limbs—a bear hug, and it was very painful, so much so that Lili screamed.

Asuka could hear a heartbeat in her mind as bulges began to appear on her back, her eyes had become golden and her upper body started to show the golden tribal markings—suddenly large white feathered wings tore through the back of her bodysuit and she got to her feet and spread the feathered protrusions which molted a little as white feathers fell to the floor of the ring. Asuka’s arms began to show a freeform golden symbol and even her exposed thighs had the same. The slashes and bruises began to heal suddenly and Asuka was regaining her strength. She looked at Panda and pulled her wings back and almost launched at the bear kicking her in the process. Panda fell to the floor with a whimper and Asuka went after Kuma to free Lili before her back was broken.

Lili fell to the floor as Kuma released her and Asuka began wailing on the brown bear with her padded fists, she couldn’t think of anything else but survival, and as she kept beating on the animal, her gloves fell apart and she started to hit Kuma with her bare knuckles. Lili looked on in horror and then yelped as Panda got to her feet and ran on all fours over to save Kuma from the human.

Asuka turned in a flash to see Panda and got to her feet and spread her wings and flew with blinding speed at the black and white bear and took Panda to the floor with a very hard kick to the nose. Asuka raised her bloody fist and stopped suddenly and screamed out loud, “They are innocent, they do not need to be judged, please don’t make me do this, I beg of you!”

A firm female voice spoke in Asuka’s mind…”If you feel that these animals do not need to be judged, then you may leave this place, however, you belong to me Asuka Kazama, do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand, I belong to you my Angel…please, let the bears be, my Angel,” Asuka said with tears in her eyes.

“I will grant you this request; now take the girl and go from this place of evil and do not return under any circumstances, do you understand?” The Angel’s voice said.

“Yes my Angel, I understand…thank you great one,” Asuka replied and let loose from the Angel’s hold on her, she then ran to Lili with her wings losing more feathers and took hold of her—Asuka raised her bloody right hand towards the exit door and a golden blast launched from her palm destroying the steel panel that kept Lili and Asuka from their freedom. They could see the darkness of night and the nearby street lights calling them to freedom, but before they made their leave, Asuka turned to the group in the safety of a consol room and said in the same eerie echo as before, “If ANY of you try to get in my way again, I will judge and punish you—with DEATH!”

Asuka used her unnatural strength to lift Lili into the air with her and she flew out the door flapping her wings and tucking them quickly to get through the opening; once out, she took to the sky with a semi-conscious Lili.

“Shall I go after them with the Tekken Force, father?” Lars said, he wore a red suit with a golden lions head on a heavy chain around his neck and his brown hair was a bit wild.

“No, I think I know what to expect…get some vets in here for Kuma and Panda, I think we have all the testing data I need…” Heihachi said walking away and out of the room as Ling and Miharu went to the ring to comfort Panda and Kuma until help arrived. Lars had followed Heihachi out but looked back at the damage that Asuka had done and said, “She is no different from Kazuya and Jin…”


Lili awoke in Asuka’s hotel room, she was laying on the bed fully dressed, what had woken her was the sound of Asuka crying hysterically in the bathroom; this was a side of Asuka that Lili never thought she would ever see as she went to the door and pressed down the lever and opened it slowly.

Asuka was still in her red vinyl bodysuit, it had torn slits on the upper back near the ‘flying bird’ and her gloves were destroyed, yet her hands were fine even though they were still covered in dried blood.

“Asuka?” Lili said softly and Asuka turned to face Lili with tear-filled eyes and said, “Get out of here, leave me alone, you shouldn’t be here, I’ll do something horrible!”

Lili put on her act and rolled her eyes and sighed and said, “There, there, Miss. Kazama, lets get you cleaned up and in bed, you have to fight with King tomorrow—after all, there is only room for one winner in the King of Iron Fist Tournament and that is Asuka Kazama now isn’t it.”

Lili began undressing Asuka and then turned on the water in the shower; she took off her suit jacket and put it down on the closed toilet and then rolled up the sleeves to her blouse and began helping Asuka into the shower. Asuka was quiet and did as Lili instructed. As the water soaked Asuka’s body, blood began to flush off of her skin and swirl down the drain.

“The Angel talks to you, doesn’t it?” Lili said suddenly.

Asuka nodded as Lili washed her; she sniffed and Lili took a moment to take a tissue from a box on the tank of the toilet, she forgot that her hands were wet and tossed the tissue in the trash and dried her hands on a towel before pulling another one, she then helped Asuka blow her nose and tossed the tissue in the trash.

“Why are you doing this?” Asuka asked rubbing her eyes.

“I guess I don’t want to be judged and punished…I’m sorry, that wasn’t right for me to say…Miss. Kazama, how should I put this…You know when you are in elementary school and you are teased or bullied by someone who likes you and they do it because maybe they are a stupid kid who wasn’t told differently and to not do such a thing…” Lili started to say slowly.

“What the hell, are you telling me that you like me?” Asuka replied sadly with a tiny hint of anger.

“Well come now, isn’t it a fact that you are nothing but a Tomboy, I can tell these things…”Lili was interrupted again… “I like guys, what’s with you, all this time you didn’t want to fight with me, you were trying to court me?!” Asuka said flustered.

“You like guys…that’s the funniest thing you’ve ever said, all you do is beat up on guys, what you really want is a girl to dominate you and I’m that girl, admit it, you like me too, that’s why you always went along with everything—I know you have the hots for me Miss. Kazama,” Lili said as she continued to wash Asuka who was sitting in the tub now, she was scrunched up with her knees to her chest and her cheeks were bright red as she was blushing.

Asuka couldn’t say it, she just couldn’t…”Thanks for being by my side Lili…”

“Thanks for saving me from a killer bear; so, what do you have to say?” Lili replied, she then knelt down and took hold of Asuka’s chin and the girls looked at each other…

Next time on Tekken MZ, Asuka goes into battle against the Jaguar masked Mexican wrestler King, will she be able to hold back the Angel and not pass judgment on him? Find out next week on Tekken Tuesday!

pixel Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 4.

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