Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 5.


There was a knock on her door and Lili, dressed in just a silk robe with a beautiful pattern answered it. Asuka stood outside wearing a white Baseball Jersey that was mostly buttoned, but tied at her lower stomach. Across the chest in gold embroidery was “Mishima Academy” and on the left short sleeve was the same crest that was on her uniform’s sweater. On the right sleeve was the number 5 and on her back in the center was the number 5 with “Kazama” above it. Asuka also wore short pink vinyl shorts with a gold leather belt hanging in a crisscross through the belt loops. Asuka’s feet were covered with sneakers that were white and pink and she had on white thigh high socks with pink trim. On her head Asuka wore a fitted cap with MA5 on the gold brim. Her shoulder length brown hair was loose under the cap which she also wore to the left a bit.

“Miss. Kazama…you do have other clothes huh? I thought you just brought what you needed—playing baseball today? Don’t you have to fight King tonight?” Lili said with a smile.

“Come on, get dressed, we are going out to have some fun—there is a Game Center around here, I want to hit the batting cages and play some games,” Asuka replied.

“If you kiss me, I’ll go with you, but shouldn’t you be more concerned about your fight tonight?” Lili said.

“I’ll do anything you want me to—but I want to have some fun…” Asuka said, she then got on her tip-toes and kissed Lili on her mouth.

“That’s my good little Tomboy, now you come help me pick out an outfit,” Lili said taking Asuka by the knot of her Baseball Jersey and pulling her into her hotel room, she then closed the door.
Lili had opened Asuka up from her need to seriously win the tournament—she had also helped to get her out of the fear she had of the Angel. For the first time in all of the years that they fought, Asuka and Lili had both finally accepted each other.

“So darling Asuka, what should I wear to your batting cages?” Lili asked taking off her robe and revealing her large, firm breasts to Asuka who looked in awe—after all, hers were not THAT big! “Do you like what you see you adorable little Tomboy? Do you want to touch them…how about my unmentionable areas?” Lili said.

“I’d rather hit baseballs right now, but we can do that after I take apart King,” Asuka replied.

Lili sighed and stood in front of Asuka and said, “Kiss both, then I’ll get dressed, but you do owe me and you better win against King,” Lili said.

Asuka kissed both of Lili’s nipples and then said, “I will…Miss. Lili.”


Lili wore a red and white tight fitting top, and very short matching shorts with socks and boots on her feet that were glossy bright red vinyl, she held Asuka’s hand as they walked the street towards the Game Center where they would be able to fulfill Asuka’s sudden want to hit balls with a stick. Even though Lili went to the same school, she really thought Asuka just beat up guys after classes were over, she didn’t realize that she played girls baseball.

Asuka stopped abruptly and looked into a store window and Lili froze with her, she questioned what Asuka was stopping for then said, “What’s wrong Miss. Kazama?”

The new Ro-Kyu-Bu! CD is on sale, I have to have it!” Asuka replied excited and pulled Lili into the store.

“What’s this rokubu you like so much?” Lili asked.

“No, it’s Ro-Kyu-Bu! They are a stage group and are the voices of some of the characters in the Anime of the same name…I like Youko or Yoko Hikasa…she’s so pretty—but so are you! It’s just a fan thing…oh! And in the Live Tour in 2011 she wore this hot blue dress that looks like my blue bodysuit—well a little, and I was actually there to see it live, it was so good!” Asuka said excited as she took a CD from a display and then looked at the back to see the track listing.

“Wow! So you have something you like besides hitting people, I never imagined,” Lili said, she then picked up the DVD of the show that Asuka had been to and looked on the back; she saw what Asuka was talking about with the dress—it closely resembled one of Asuka’s bodysuits—did she have them modeled after it? Lili returned the DVD to the display and followed Asuka to the counter where she paid and the clerk put the CD in a bag.

The girls left and made their way to the Game Center…So, Asuka had an interest in something besides baseball and fighting, and of course her motorcycle.

The two went in to the sounds of video games and lights like a carnival and continued towards the rear of the building where Asuka stopped Lili at a counter and let go of her hand.

“Hey man, two aluminum bats and…uh…a gold helmet for me and a red one for her…also, we want unlimited,” Asuka said in Japanese with a heavy Kansai accent; the clerk at the counter took hold of a pair of metal bats and placed them on the counter and then searched for a gold helmet for Asuka and a red for Lili which he found first. The girls took their share and the guy handed them tickets for cages eight and nine. The clerk thanked them and told them to enjoy themselves and Asuka and Lili went towards the closed off batting cages through a door.

The sections were separated by a netting and Asuka took off her cap and lay it and the bag with her CD on the floor behind home plate and put the gold helmet on, she looked at Lili and said, “Put your helmet on, you can get knocked out by a ball if you don’t…oh, and don’t step on the floor switch by home plate, it’ll send a ball at you.”

Lili did as Asuka said trying to get her long blonde hair out of the way and then said, “So, how do you play?”

“Come on man, you have Baseball in France don’t you?” Asuka said harshly.

“I do not live in France, I live in Monaco thank you very much…and we do have Baseball, I just don’t care for it,” Lili replied with her nose in the air.

“You airhead, watch me and do what I do…choke up on the bat…which means to grip the handle tightly and keeping your hands close together. Make sure after you hit the foot switch that you keep your eye on the ball…pretend there is a wall in front of you and then swing when the ball comes close enough—got it?” Asuka said.

“I think so…but, do one first so I can see it,” Lili replied.

“Watch, I bat right, so I stand like so and…” Asuka tapped the foot switch with her sneaker and a sound echoed in the room of an air cannon and a white baseball came flying at Asuka, she then swung the bat and sent the ball flying at a target that was suspended from a netting that would catch the balls and hit it square on.

“I’m very impressed Miss. Kazama, do another one!” Lili said excited.

Asuka nodded and sent another ball flying at the netting; she then went into a set of five in a row and hit each one with ease. “It’s your turn now…although I wish I told you to wear sneakers and not boots, but you’ll be alright,” Asuka said.

Lili copied what Asuka did and hit the foot switch and a ball came at her, she dodged it and Asuka said, “No! You have to swing the bat, don’t be afraid of it, you’ve taken harder punches in a fight, what’s a 81 kilo an hour fastball…that’s nothing; I don’t even consider it fast at all. Do it again!”

Lili tried again and swung, but missed and Asuka told her ‘again’ and finally Lili sent the ball flying—away from the target, but she hit it. “I did it darling Asuka!”

“Of course you did, you just need to practice; come on, just keep going, it’s unlimited,” Asuka said as she continued to launch balls and hit each and every one of them while Lili’s strikes were hit or miss.

Lili stopped while Asuka continued, and moving closer to the netting that divided her and Asuka she said, “Are you scared of facing King tonight?”

“No,” Asuka replied.

“What about the Angel?” Lili asked.

“The Angel isn’t going to control me…” Asuka replied hitting another ball to the target.

“How do you suppose you’ll win against King without the Angel coming out?” Lili said.

“I’m going to use my full skill, I was never allowed to, but I have a ton of techniques…half of them are forbidden, especially one; but, if I can avoid using it, then I will…my father made it clear to me that I can never use the ‘spinning heel drop’ or the ‘heart stopper,’ I’ve already used the ‘heavens hammer’ which I’m sure he’ll scold me for…By holding back on my most powerful techniques in such a dangerous competition I’ve allowed the Angel to take over, I won’t let that happen again; I’m going to play for keeps, but have fun while I’m doing it—people will call me obnoxious, but I was gifted as I learned the Kazama style, ‘my fathers greatest student’ they would say in the movies. I won’t hold back anymore and let the Angel take over…there is no reason to ‘judge and punish’ King…even if he slams me through the floor. This fight is underground, did you know that Lili?” Asuka said.

“No, I thought you would be in a wrestling ring or something?” Lili replied.

“It’s a real cage fight, very urban and extremely dangerous; there will be a lot of bystanders, so the Angel cannot make an appearance. Even if I lose, I will not allow anyone else to get hurt,” Asuka said hitting another ball.

“So, I was thinking Asuka, why don’t we go play some games or something…” Lili said taking off her batting helmet, she didn’t even straighten her hair and Asuka looked at her knowing something wasn’t right.

“Actually, let’s go get something to eat; with all the fight money I’ve gained, a CD isn’t enough to spend it on, and I don’t really need the money all that much, so I’ll treat—want Sushi?” Asuka asked taking her helmet off and retrieving her cap which she put on at a slight angle; she then took hold of her CD in the bag.

“Sure, that sounds nice…but I don’t know if you should be eating before a fight; you know…you get punched in the stomach and it all comes back up…” Lili said with a pained smile, her eyes slightly narrow.

“I’ll be fine, come on, let’s get out of here,” Asuka said as she and Lili left the batting cages.


It resembled a practice golf ball; a red, hard plastic ball with holes in it, and even though its purpose was to practice ones putting or swing, there was a leather strap through it and it was buckled behind Asuka’s head with the ball itself inside her mouth. Asuka had yards of rope binding her body and she was kneeling butt up on Lili’s hotel bed—her pained groans muffled by the ball in her mouth and the high volume of Anime-style music that came from Lili’s stereo as Asuka’s new CD played. Asuka could take a punch to the face, a kick to the stomach, but a hard rubber phallic toy that was strapped around Lili’s groin sliding in and out of her rectum was probably more than she could handle.

Asuka promised intercourse after the fight, but Lili wanted it before, as though she knew this would be the end for Asuka—King was going to defeat her and Lili wanted her Japanese girlfriend before that happened. Lili spent too many years bullying Asuka and finally getting her to notice her to let this chance slip away…although, she was disappointed that Asuka was a virgin and she wouldn’t let Lili enter her vagina. Was the fact that Asuka was a virgin the reason why she was possessed by an Angel? This had nothing to do with religion…Asuka was probably a Buddhist—or was she a Christian?

Lili was lost in the moment and didn’t care that Asuka was in pain; she said, “Not so tough are you, you little virgin Tomboy!” Lili then punched Asuka in the back to keep her down; she wanted complete control over Asuka.

Lili moved her hand towards Asuka’s vagina and then stopped and told herself that she couldn’t even touch her there, so she shoved the phallic toy deep into Asuka’s butt and smacked her ass hard and said, “You are nothing more than my property, you belong to me! I should have you wear something like a frilly maids dress to fight King, so when he kicks your ass you’ll look ridiculous! OR, I can tell the world you listen to this kiddy music, you will never be a woman! Push your ass into me!”

Asuka’s eyes widened as she obeyed Lili feeling the rubber object thrust so deeply into her; drool dripped from her lips and finally Lili withdrew and quickly took hold of Asuka and held her tightly in her arms and kissed her forehead to show mercy. Asuka never felt so abused before…but it wasn’t abuse, she actually loved Lili! Lili had picked fights with her, made fun of her, humiliated her in public many times and it would always end the same way—Asuka would beat the shit out of Lili and leave her after asking over and over again if she was satisfied…

Lili unbound Asuka and took the plastic ball out of her mouth, the two then embraced and Asuka cried—she never felt the way she did before, it was true love, not just from the intercourse, it was the fact that Lili meant what she said, she was acting like a child by bullying her to hide her feelings of love.

“Thank you Miss Lili,” Asuka whispered and the girls kissed each other on the lips and touched. Lili unbuckled the harness from around her groin and pulled the other end of the phallic device from her vagina, it was wet and covered in her female juices—she wasn’t just pleasuring Asuka, she was pleasuring herself too.

“Let’s bathe and get to the fight, you are running out of time,” Lili said softly and Asuka nodded.


Although she felt some discomfort from the very rough intercourse with Lili, Asuka was prepared to face King. A part of her was more aware and ready; more ready than she had ever been and that was thanks to Lili.

PRT 5 Asuka Blue Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 5.

Asuka wore her blue vinyl bodysuit that matched the rest; talking about that amazing dress that Hikasa wore on stage made her want to match. Her halter was black and her gauntlets and boots were blue and black. Her elbow pads were hard blue plastic with black bindings and the upper back of the bodysuit had the same black and white flying bird as the rest.

The event staff led both Asuka and Lili–who wore a white outfit of lace and satin with a red feminine tie and tall, heeled boots with red socks underneath—towards an underground fight ring that was musty and dirty as they made their way through the chamber. As they got closer, they could hear a lot of noise, there were yells and cheers of many people, it was going to be mentally rough this time.

The doors to the ring were opened and Asuka and Lili looked into a room with large cages wrapped around it with a huge crowd behind them. The floor was dirt and the only lighting came from five butchered motorcycles that were hanging from either the rear wheel or the rear swing arm with the headlight on—the bikes rocked back and forth slightly. Asuka could picture her own sport bike hanging there lighting the room…not a great thought, so she re-imagined riding it with Lili behind her… She had to focus.

King had already arrived and he was kind of creepy; everything about him was pretty normal; he wore wrestling attire with light purple pants and a blue and yellow brief with his name upon it. He had larger size yellow and blue gauntlets than Asuka’s on his lower arms and bright yellow boots upon his feet…it was his head that made him creepy, he was wearing a very frightening Jaguar mask that looked as though it was skinned from the animal itself. When King posed for the crowd he would let out a thunderous roar…Asuka was almost convinced that King was some kind of beast, a man-cat?

Lili stayed back and the doors were sealed, no comments were handled from reporters, this was a serious fight, however it had become quiet in the room full of loud onlookers as Asuka and King met in the middle of the dirt floor, she said; “Are you sure, are you really sure you want to fight me…? Don’t hold anything back!”

King growled and the two backed up to a fair starting position and Asuka stood in her Kazama fighting stance, she looked at King as he took the grappling pose of a wrestler. The crowd began yelling for the fight to start and the motor bikes began rocking causing the lighting in the room to sway and make it tougher to see…but it was on and even though King towered over her and was at least twice her size or more, Asuka had to win.

“Asuka Kazama versus King…FIGHT!!!” The crowd began to scream after the announcer had finished.

The rocking lights of the motor bikes made it complicated for Asuka to target King. The rhythmic chants of the crowd made it even harder to listen to the wrestlers’ movements—so she ran at him…

Asuka jumped and laid a low kick into King’s huge legs and knocked him off his feet, she then performed a triple ‘Minazuki’ keeping King on the dirt floor. Asuka then back flipped as she saw King try to kick her feet out from under her and with Asuka at a distance, the wrestler got to his feet and growled.

Asuka went in for another run to perform her powerful palm thrust; however, she was caught by King who performed a spin and then a DDT, dropping her face onto the floor. Asuka screamed in pain and King lifted her from the dirt to the cheers of the crowd and power bombed her into the packed dirt, she couldn’t even get her elbows down to block out the force of the fall with her pads.

Asuka hit her head, and the room was becoming blurry and she was even losing her hearing…the Angel…it would be in control…not the control before her fight with Nina, it would be the full strength that she used against Panda and Kuma…

King was coming towards her after grandstanding and she began to breathe slowly and relaxed herself—so many years of using her great skill to settle fights and make peace with gangs wasted…she should have listened to her father.

Asuka stood up and dusted off her blue vinyl bodysuit and said, “I made a mistake, one that I will fix right now…”

King growled and quickly attacked Asuka in grappling form, however, she performed her ‘Heavens Hammer’ by elbowing King in the head which brought him to an abrupt stop, she then did something that her father had warned her against—the ‘Heart Stopper,’ a knee to the chest, it would freeze the entire body…but the announcer called time…

It was a draw… This can’t be happening! Asuka pulled the zipper of her bodysuit down all the way and pulled the upper half off letting it hang over her butt, she had the top of her halter tied behind her neck and a cord at the bottom, it was almost like a bikini top except it covered up to the lower part of her neck above her breasts with a V-neckline.

The Angel would have no right to her, Asuka was in pain, a lot of pain and the Angel wasn’t healing it; she would defeat King on her own.

Round two was called and King went towards Asuka first, probably a wrestling maneuver—be on the offensive. Asuka began her ‘Exorcizer’ which was a series of punches which caused great damage to her opponent; she then went into her ‘White Heron Dance’ which caused multiple shots on King. The wrestler groaned out like an injured cat and Asuka performed the ‘Heart Stopper’ again freezing King in his tracks, she then went for the finish…yet, once again, the round was called!

Asuka breathed slowly, she had to remain calm, 99 seconds was going too fast…the swinging motorcycles, the crowd chanting, the blood coming from not only King, but Asuka too…they were beat—between King’s girth and Asuka having to use her mind so strongly and choose each and every attack carefully to keep the Angel at bay caused her to fall into an exhausted state. Asuka felt cold even in the hazy underground that was hot and humid…it was caused by the exhaustion, the multiple interferences around her…so she pulled her bodysuit back up and zipped it above her breasts.

Round three was called to start, it wouldn’t be the final round would it…what did a draw count for…a double win, no a double loss…it was nil…so it would be in four rounds…? King grabbed Asuka and gave her a pile driver into the dirt, she was finished, the Angel would now awaken…Asuka’s neck was probably broken, she could hardly hear or see as she was falling unconscious…so that was what was wrong with Lili earlier, she knew Asuka would lose to King.

“Please my Angel, let me stand…” Asuka mumbled.

“NO,” the Angel replied in her mind.

King began a barrage of attacks causing Asuka to scream in pain, she began to bleed and the round was called–already…

“FINAL ROUND! FIGHT!” The announcer cried.

Asuka got to her feet, everything was blurry, but she could hear the crowd chanting, she looked at Lili who was screaming for Asuka to give up…not a chance.

Three moves, and then Asuka could die.

King ran at Asuka and she performed the ‘Heavens Hammer’ which he tried to avoid, even in Asuka’s unfocused state he couldn’t. She then forced her knee into his chest—the ‘Heart Stopper’ and finally, she stumbled as she flipped backwards and then began to spin–one, two, three–four times; a fragment of Ki seemed to glow and she struck King with a kick so hard it sent the huge mass of muscle flying against the cage throwing anyone who was hanging off of it into a pile on the floor. The wrestler cried out and then fell unconscious.

“The winner! Asuka Kazama!” The announcer cried and the fight was over. King was defeated, however, Asuka collapsed on the floor and fell unconscious, she wouldn’t wake up this time would she, the Angel had abandoned her and something was broken, something serious, she was finished either way…at least Lili got to have pleasurable sex with her…that had to count for something…oh, and they got to go to the batting cages; she bought a CD that she enjoyed. She got to have Sushi with Lili and kiss and touch her…She didn’t want to die at seventeen, it wasn’t fair…

PRT 5 Asuka Lili Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 5.

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