Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 8.

Asuka wore the exact outfit that she wore against Phoenix; the only difference was the fact that it was blue with black instead of black with red. She was making haste towards the battleground which was in the middle of a carnival—a very weird place, but possibly fitting.

PRT 8 Asuka Open Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 8.

In her right hand she held her phone and she was talking to Lili; and as she reached the grounds that were full of kids with their parents and what appeared to be a circus, she raised her voice and tapped the rocker button on the phone to raise the volume.

People were looking at her knowing what she was here for but, she had to ignore them because of her conversation with Lili.

“The cameras are following you darling Asuka,” Lili said giggling as she was watching her large, wall-sized television in her office at ‘De Rochefort Fuels.’

“The cameras?” Asuka replied and looked around and saw the news crew that was mainly covering the tournament sticking near her. “What are they saying; that I’m late?”

“No, they are just talking about your record thus far, its nothing to worry about. By the way, Christie is there already, she has Eddy with her, they were practicing Capoeira—it was kind of like they were dancing with each other…are you going to be okay?” Lili said concerned.

“I’ll live, as long as the Angel doesn’t appear, that is what I’m worried about the most. After a win here, I have someone I’m not too sure that I want to fight…” Asuka said.

“The Russian guy…Dragunov, right?” Lili asked.

“Yes, that’s right, I hear he has a lot of blood on his hands, but so did Nina—I think he made Jack-6 explode or something…why the hell are there fucking robots in this fight, how can some of us even imagine defeating something like that?” Asuka said angered.
“You have gloves with reinforcement, your hits should be able to do some kind of damage; you do hit hard for being a little shrimp Asuka…” Lili was cut off mid sentence.

“Little shrimp! Little Princess if you want to go there—stretch…” Asuka replied.

“Stretch, I’m no basketball player, I’m 5 foot 8, I’m like a model—its not my fault you Japanese girls are all so small, so what if you are five three; you wouldn’t be so cute and adorable if you weren’t,” Lili replied.

“Your little Tomboy, right?” Asuka said.

“All joking aside darling Asuka, I really do love you and I want you to come home safe, so make sure you pay attention to Christie’s moves and take her down. Handle one fight at a time and use care—but, most of all, have fun, she isn’t an enemy or evil spirited, so it will be a good, clean, fight.” Lili said.

“Yes Emilie, I know and I will; I love you too. I have to go…goodbye,” Asuka said and quickly shoved the phone into her right boot. She could see Christie and Eddy ahead of her.

The ‘ring’ was a simple circle and that is where they would fight—on dirt with some grass around it and puddle-filled gashes in the ground—this was a true fairground.

Asuka went up to Christie who smiled upon her approach; Eddy just looked at her with no real reaction. Christie said, “Way to go with Phoenix, I hear he shares a room with his pal Law; go easy on me ok.”

“How can I go easy on someone like you, you know…” Asuka tried to continue but Christie said, “I just feel like dancing, come dance with me and then we can begin…I know you have the moves so let’s do this!”

Asuka was in shock, she never met anyone like Christie before, she was tall and so pretty, her dark skin was glowing and her eyes were full of life. She wanted to dance…all right?

Asuka dug her phone out of her boot and tossed it to Eddy who easily caught it and with a bass beat in the background Christie began dancing in a very strong way; as though it was part of her moves–listening to the rhythm. Asuka looked at her waving to join her and she did so. Asuka looked over to Christie to try to match her steps, it was easy and hard at the same time, but she was able to learn things very quickly.

Although they were going to beat the shit out of each other soon, Asuka at 17 years old couldn’t resist her youth and relaxed to the point of supreme enjoyment and danced with the 20-something Christie. Eddy looked on finally smiling and people had gathered around to watch—a pre-fight performance.

When the music ended and the tournament officials had arrived, Asuka bowed deeply to Christie and she loosely did the same, she wasn’t Japanese, she didn’t really know what to do.

“Thank you Monteiro-San,” Asuka said as she left Christie’s side and went to her starting position, she calmed and began to focus—how do you fight someone so generous, she said, “Don’t hold back.”

Christie nodded and looked to Eddy one last time and began her Ginga, the motions of moving back and forth with her legs and arms moving at the same time. Asuka’s Kazama style had her firm with the ground, to be a part of nature and to move with the wind. Christie was a different kind of opponent, the constant movement would cause issues, but she watched as she waited for the officials to begin the match.

“Christie Monteiro versus Asuka Kazama…FIGHT!”

Asuka stood watching the Ginga, she could copy it now, but that wasn’t what her father had taught her…it was time.

Asuka went for Christie and she began her Au’ and stopped in mid movement and performed a handstand and began a downward kicking motion with her legs and feet, she struck Asuka a few times and Asuka retaliated with a low kick to Christie’s stomach sending her to the ground. Christie cried out and Asuka performed a triple, spinning sweep to keep Christie off her feet, she then dropped down to her hard, blue and black elbow pads and launched herself into Christie as she got up; upon impact with Asuka’s feet which were positioned together she was knocked down again.

Christie was surprised that Asuka was able to overcome her beginning techniques and back flipped away from the teenager in order to re-plan her attack.

Christie began her Ginga again and then waited for Asuka to attack, she then began some kicks and punches and then her Au’ again with an over handed punch; she then went into an Au’ Batido which she flung her legs up with a hand stand and knocked Asuka down causing Christie to drop to her hands and spin with great speed to keep Asuka on the ground, they both got to their feet however and Christie performed an Au’ Sem Mao which started with what appeared to be a roundhouse kick to a jumping double kick. This time Asuka went down.

Asuka couldn’t believe that Christie was so skilled, so she got to her feet with the sole thought of winning the round and as Christie was performing her Genga, Asuka ran at Christie who began another Au’ Sem Mao which Asuka was able to avoid, but just barely and finally once Christie returned to an upright position, Asuka used her heavens hammer and elbowed Christie in the head, but she felt she over did it because something cracked—it was luckily the elbow pad and not Christie’s skull. Next, Asuka used the heart stopper and that took Christie out to the point where Asuka could use her spinning heel drop before the round ended and take it by points—it would be close, but it would be a win. Asuka spun three times and on the fourth she kicked Christie into a wooden pole, when she made impact she fell to the ground and cried out in horrible pain. Eddy was concerned, but this was a fight that he couldn’t get involved in. Asuka finished the round with a jumping drop kick to keep Christie on the ground and the round was called in Asuka’s favor.

Christie was bleeding, she was also in visible pain; however, Asuka was healing already from the multiple blows that she received; her elbow pad was cracked though and started to dig into her skin even through the wrapping and lining, she must have hit Christie with a lot of force in order to do that—probably a little gift from the Angel.

Round 2 began and Christie was visibly slow in her Genga, she decided to follow Asuka’s example and attack first so she ran at the teenager and performed a lot of fast spinning kicks and strikes; Asuka was able to block most of them but she sadly knew that Christie was done, the heavens hammer was just too much, she had probably given Christie a concussion; Asuka felt bad, but she had to win and Christie was just too good—it was also the fact that she defeated Baek that pissed her off deep down so maybe the Angel had nothing to do with the strong strike from her elbow.

Asuka backed off seeing Christie breath heavily; she couldn’t go through with this anymore, so she had to finish the fight. Asuka wasn’t sure if she would have won or not because of the attack, but she had a feeling that even without the Angel she was better; she had so many years of training that Christie did not—so, it was time.

“I enjoyed dancing with you Monteiro-San, thank you so much,” Asuka said.

“It’s not over yet…” Christie replied weakly.

“Yes…it is…I’m so sorry,” Asuka replied, she then performed a barrage of attacks which she called the Exorcisor and then a barrage of kicks; she finally grabbed Christie and slammed her to the ground and stumbled a little almost losing her balance and then steadied…Christie Monteiro was out, she was unconscious.

“The winner…Asuka Kazama!”

PRT 8 Eddy Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 8.


The fairgrounds had become quiet and Asuka and Eddy sat on the ground next to each other. Christie lay on Asuka’s lap, still out like a light; Asuka was stroking Christie’s long brown hair and could feel the bulging lump which she applied ice to every so often.

“So, how did the two of you meet?” Asuka asked trying to make conversation.

“She is the granddaughter of my teacher and I was asked to teach her the art. I thought she would do better, her techniques were perfect, but you…you have amazing skill for a girl your age,” Eddy said.
“I’ve been learning since I was very young and I picked it up fast. I was a black belt at thirteen and kept rising in degree quickly; I’m better than my father, but I know my place. I assist him at the dojo, I cook; I clean; I get good grades in school and obey my instructors. But…sometimes I can be a bit naughty, I am very nosy and don’t mind my own business, I break up fights and settle disputes between anyone, gangs included—with my fists…kind of stupid. I used to fight Emilie…uh, Lili at a moments notice, because she would always start something with me…who knew it was over love?” Asuka said.

“I see, your father must be really proud of you,” Eddy replied.

“I think he is…I do wish I knew my mother, for some reason she died in childbirth with me, it was unexplained; I really wanted to have a female influence growing up, but I became a Tomboy and that is what Lili calls me. I like to play baseball, listen to Japanese hip hop, among other genres and I guess I always hung around a lot of guys but never felt attracted to them. I don’t really dress up, I don’t think I have more than one dress and a kimono—sorry, my English is really bad, I’m trying…” Asuka said and Eddy replied, “No, you are doing fine, I get every other word!” He laughed, but Asuka could only grin slightly, he was trying to be nice, yet his Brazilian accent was very strong, so they were almost in the same boat.

“My parents were murdered…I was from a very wealthy family…I ended up being put in prison—that is actually where I met Christie’s grandfather and he taught me Capoeira, he had asked me to teach her when I got out. Years later, he got out and was very ill, he was cured and then passed away which I blame myself for, but since then, I made amends. I live well, and Christie stays with me,” Eddy said.

“Are you two a couple?” Asuka asked.

“I…I don’t know how to answer that really, I care about her, but…well, you know…” Eddy replied.

“You should just go for it, I think she really likes you,” Asuka said softly.

Eddy was quiet.

Asuka sat looking up at the stars wondering what would await her in the future of this tournament—Eddy handed Asuka her phone and she thanked him with a smile—they both stared up at the stars, right now they would have to wait for Christie to regain consciousness, so there was nothing else to do.

The blimp with the tournament rankings was going by overhead—it was Sergei Dragunov who she would face tomorrow…for once, she was becoming nervous.

Next time on Tekken MZ, Asuka faces off against Dragunov to advance in the tournament; will she be able to hold back the Angel or will she be overcome by it, find out next time on Tekken Tuesday!

pixel Tekken MZ Fan Fiction: Part 8.

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