Tekken MZ Fan fiction: Part One!

An official promotional poster from Japan for Tekken 5 featuring Asuka Kazama.  A very fitting first image.

In 2013 I wrote a 27 part Fan Fiction on the Anime series K-ON! Now it’s time for another—yet shorter Fan Fiction on another Japanese-made interest of mine; that being the video game Tekken.
I tried to choose characters that would bring interest to all readers; however, it is my story, so I have chosen the main character to be my favorite, which is Asuka Kazama. (Ah’s-ka Kah-zah-ma). I find using her in the game to be easy because she has the best balance of speed and strength. I also like her personality. So, all the story matter spans from all of the games up to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and there are some inclusions from the old Anime movie.

I hope YOU, the reader, enjoys my story—I promise, everything will be familiar…not like the live action movie where nothing made sense—if you liked it, then good for you. I felt it had a few moments, but didn’t.
However, I will have my own inclusion for the sake of the story, but it works with the games, so its not unfamiliar—you’ll have to wait and see though.

This Fan Fiction will span 13 parts and be published on a biweekly basis on “Tekken Tuesday.” Also, feel free to comment at the bottom.

Now, put on some music and enjoy…

Tekken: Mishima Zaibatsu, Part One.

The tournament was coming up, so this was good practice…she was always butting into other peoples business and solved problems for them…usually by knockout…Asuka Kazama was kicking the crap out of a pair of so-called tough guys who were bullying a younger guy who was standing there in the schoolyard in shock at what he was witnessing, a girl beating on these two guys who were much larger than her. Asuka was fast and she could hit hard when she had to, she was well trained in the Kazama style of martial arts—it was her father who had done so since she was very young.

Asuka was wearing her school uniform which consisted of a short sleeve white blouse, a yellow sweater vest with a large school crest on the left and a short, blue, plaid, pleated skirt. She wore blue socks and black shoes. Asuka’s hair was shoulder length brown that was somewhat feathered out—she was very pretty, but a lot of girls in Osaka Japan were pretty.
Asuka had on a pair of fingerless riding gloves that secured at her wrists with Velcro, they were blue and white and now had blood on them from bashing in the noses of both of the guys; she didn’t like bullies, so it had to stop—her way.

When both of the guys fell to the pavement she squatted down and tapped them both on the head with her index fingers—poking them…she said, “Man, you guys are weak!” in Kansai-Ben. She looked to the boy who was the real victim here and he bowed quickly and thanked her and made a run for it, not knowing if he would be next.

Asuka stood up and dusted off her gloves and then pulled them off her hands and shoved them into the right pocket of her skirt and said, “Well, I hope you guys learned your lesson for today; if you bully, you’ll get the shit beaten out of you…remember the name Asuka Kazama when someone asks you what happened to your faces.

Asuka had a sport bike, a Kawasaki that was blue and white parked by the curb, her leather school case was laying on the seat, she picked it up and slung the two straps over her shoulders and mounted the motorcycle which she started and as it was warming, she put on blue-tinted glasses that were laying on the dash and finally took off leaving the two guys in which she taught a lesson to, moaning in pain on the ground.

It was absolutely beautiful this day and as the wind blew through her hair she felt alive like a flying bird free to do as she pleased; the countryside was so nice and it allowed her to calm after a fight…even though it wasn’t much of a fight.

She headed into town and towards her Father’s Dojo where she lived and began slowing as she approached, there were a lot of people out today, but it was quiet around the home.
Asuka thought about her invitation to the King of Iron Fist Tournament, she had been there before numerous times, but had been unsuccessful in winning—this time had to be different, someone had to be a bringer of justice to the world and remove the Mishima family from the throne. After so long, and in such a power struggle, Heihachi was the one true king now and Kazuya, Jin and even Jun were all together—together, they were unstoppable. The greed from each of them had finally ended and they united; there was too much power in the Mishima Zaibatsu and it had to be stopped and spread out to the entire world. The most painful disappointment was the fact that Jun had lost her way, and was possessed by an evil spirit of the forest; she would be the most dangerous even over Kazuya and Jin who possessed the Devil Gene, making them become monsters. Heihachi was pure, everyday evil, he didn’t need to physically change in any way, however, he had made himself younger with the technology from the Zaibatsu; he refused to leave this world, he wanted eternal life, so maybe he too was a monster in some form or other.

The tournament was actually pretty horrific when she thought about it; her cocky attitude was starting to fade the older she became…after all, she was part of the family, the niece of Jun Kazama and cousin to Jin; her uncle was Kazuya and Heihachi was her grandfather…she didn’t like the thought of being so closely related to such a horrible group. Asuka’s Father had told her to stay away, but he knew better, she wouldn’t listen. In past tournaments she was defeated by an older group of competitors such as Baek Doo San and Wang Jinrei; she would take them both down if they were in her way, her skills had improved greatly since then, she was still in high school but older and wiser than she used to be. Her training had become more like a never-ending beating and she knew that this time, she was ready in both mind and body; she couldn’t fail, this was not for fun, this was for keeps…”Aw shit! What the hell does she want?” Asuka said suddenly as she neared her home, she could see Lili De Rochefort a girl from Monaco who had specifically transferred to Osaka to go to school with Asuka to make her life miserable. Lili was tall with long, straight blonde hair and a pretty face, she wore the same uniform as Asuka and she was actually talking to her Father right now in front of the Dojo. “Man, what a bitch!” Asuka said as she was just about there.

Asuka parked her bike by the rear of the home and took off her blue glasses and got them into her school case which she took off her back and held by the top handle, she then went to the front of the Dojo and was quickly greeted by Lili who said, “Ah; Miss. Kazama, how wonderful to see you!”

“What kind of airhead are you!? We are scheduled to fight in the first round, what do you want?!” Asuka replied.

“Now Asuka, that’s no way to treat a guest, apologize to the young lady,” Asuka’s Father said calmly.

Asuka wanted to say ‘no’ but she couldn’t, she calmed herself, and said, “Yes Father, I’m sorry; I’m sorry Lili, what may I do for you?”

“I am offering to take you to the tournament—that way, I can keep an eye on you; I don’t want you slipping out of our fight like you do at school,” Lili replied.

At this point, Asuka’s father had returned into the Dojo leaving the girls out front.

“I don’t slip out of fighting you…we have fought so many times and the result has been the same, so I’m tired of hurting you because it seems the message just isn’t getting through to you Lili,” Asuka said with a lot of harsh-toned Kansai-Ben.

Lili could also speak the Kansai dialect of Japanese and she replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about Asuka Kazama…You should take my offer if you know what’s good for you.”

“So now you’re threatening me? All you’ve done since you came here is bully me and I thought after the second or third time of smacking you around that you learned your lesson…if my Father wasn’t here, I would take you down right now and not worry about the tournament, it was luck that you are my first opponent…” Asuka said.

“Oh, that…well, it wasn’t luck, I actually bribed the event staff to make it so; your original first opponent was actually Anna Williams, and mine was Julia Chang, so I guess they will be meeting each other instead…should be a good fight, but not better than ours,” Lili said.

“You little bitch! You’re throwing your rich Daddy’s money around to your advantage…” Asuka started to say but calmed as she heard the disapproving tone of her father say, “Asuka…manners…”

Asuka resigned herself and looked down as though she’d been scolded and Lili said, “You should do as your told Miss. Kazama.”

“Okay, I will, but when we meet in the tournament, I won’t go easy on you, I will end this once and for all, even if I have to knock you out. I’m not entering the tournament for fun, there is something that I have to take care of—understand Lili?” Asuka said calmly.

“That’s fine, but I won’t let you get past the first round, and that’s a promise, I’ve been training hard and I’m no pushover if that’s what you think of me,” Lili replied.

After Lili handed Asuka a piece of paper with instructions to her private plane printed on it, she briskly walked off. Asuka had to prepare, she had a few fight costumes made for her and she had to get everything she needed—however, it was mostly important to prepare her mind for the arduous journey ahead of her.


Lili was not a fun person to be around when she was acting all high and mighty, but Asuka was beginning to think that it was all an act to hide her fears, although the spoiled brat was still addicted to street fighting. The flight with her wasn’t all that enjoyable, but it was uneventful, it was mostly Lili showing off having everything.

Now was the time, the gathering place, the main tournament grounds where many were clustered—most knew who they were facing in the first round, no one knew who they would face after. So many known fighters were here, it was almost overwhelming. Asuka stood alone; she had to get away from Lili after spending too much time with her, so she hung around the neutrals and not the psychos. Christie Monteiro, Eddy Gordo, Julia Chang, Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law and Steve Fox were clustered near each other and Asuka stood near them with Lili at the other end. Avoiding Raven, Bryan Fury, Craig Marduk, and Anna and Nina Williams…and that strange Yoshimitsu were all good ideas at this moment. There were many others gathered, but they were towards the front near the high balcony in which stood two huge bears—Kuma and Panda and with them were Kazuya, Jin, Jun, Ling and a younger Heihachi with a full head of black hair that was pointy on the sides and even facial hair that was black…it was sick that someone was able to make themselves young with technology.

For multiple tournaments Asuka and Ling Xiaoyu were very friendly with each other, they were the same age and had balanced personalities to where they could get along with each other; but Ling had always been the Ward of Heihachi, she was part of the family…although the adopted son, Lee wasn’t here for some reason? Ling wore her school uniform as Asuka did; it was the way of Japan. The rest upon the stage—except for the huge bears—were dressed in very costly suits and Jun a beautiful white dress

Asuka could feel the heavy presence of evil in the air as the crowd of fighters became silent and Heihachi began to speak, “You have all been called here to participate in a tournament that many of you have lost in the past…some of you multiple times—I’m surprised that those of you who have are still alive!” Heihachi laughed and Kazuya and Jin joined in while Ling and Jun did not—even the bears growled. “However, if any of you are able to get to the finals you’ll have to face us, and if you survive to the final bout…well, you’ll have to face me…” Heihachi laughed again and finished in a very flat and deadpan tone… “Good luck…”

The group on the balcony left back into the castle with the huge bears following them; this was going to be the final King of Iron Fist Tournament, Asuka would make sure of it.

Next time on Tekken MZ, Asuka faces off with Lili in her first battle to reach Heihachi for the prize, will she finally end the bitter rivalry between them or will Lili take the win and make Asuka the fool? Find out in two weeks—Tekken Tuesday!

pixel Tekken MZ Fan fiction: Part One!

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