Temple of Darkness Sorceress!

It’s the coming of winter and my present to myself is the snowy Temple of Darkness Sorceress! No, she isn’t covered in the cold white stuff; however she is pretty damn cool! OK, stop groaning!

Temple of Darkness Sorceress comes straight out of the mini comic to collector’s shelves sporting the all white outfit from the mini comic of the same name.

TDSor 1 697x1024 Temple of Darkness Sorceress!

“White” Sorceress comes packaged in the usual card.

TDSor 2 765x1024 Temple of Darkness Sorceress!

…and on the back of the box is the usual “also available” and a bio which is OK.

TDSor 3 484x1024 Temple of Darkness Sorceress!

The side panel of the package has some info, but if you already have the standard Sorceress, there are no differences.

TDSor 4 771x1024 Temple of Darkness Sorceress!

Temple of Darkness Sorceress is pretty much a repaint of the original that was released in early 2012 with the only exception being that her boots were changed to match the appearance in the mini comic. The boots are shared with Teela, Evil-Lyn and The Goddess.
NOT included with Temple of Darkness Sorceress is the gray and white Zoar, this little bird came in the “Great Unrest” Weapons Pak; the red armor and perch came from the Zoar that was included with the standard Sorceress. What IS included with Temple of Darkness Sorceress is the exact duplicate of her staff and new is an Orb stand which is made from translucent blue and has a sparkly wash of gray stone. Apparently, “everyone” wants to know what the symbols mean—as far as I’m concerned, they are just runes, and that’s all that is needed to know. However, its purpose is to hold the globe that came with King Grayskull, it’ll also hold the globe that came with Procrustus—however, I have a different element that is preferred in my “dish”—which you’ll see shortly.

TDSor 5 1024x897 Temple of Darkness Sorceress!

To compare, standard and “white” Sorceress are exactly the same mold with different color schemes, the wings on Temple of Darkness Sorceress are translucent and are really awesome. The eyes on her headdress are purple which gives a really different look from the standard and where they are really the same, both have a very pretty face.

TDSor 6 1024x768 Temple of Darkness Sorceress!

Cornered by “Perfect Alcala” Skeletor and Trap Jaw, Temple of Darkness Sorceress is forced to use her great magic to conjure up the legendary magical precious stones! Scarabs and gem stones fill the “dish” atop the podium and the villains look on as their soon to be acquired power and riches spew forth from where ever the Sorceress…could find these things…

TDSor 7 1024x768 Temple of Darkness Sorceress!

As “Perfect Alcala” Skeletor and Trap Jaw gaze upon their wonderful stones (that fit well in their open hands) 3 pissed off warriors approach in time to save Temple of Darkness Sorceress from having to provide more to these ruthless weirdo’s!
200X Teela eyes Trap Jaw with her sword even though he has armed himself with his “lasertron”, but the dim-wit is too busy to notice her as he gawks at his magic stone. Man-At-Arms and He-Man aim for “Perfect Alcala” Skeletor with their weapons raised—and although “Perfect Alcala” Skeletor can take everyone assembled without breaking a sweat on his blue skin, he and his green-faced friend decide to drop everything and run!

TDSor 8 1024x786 Temple of Darkness Sorceress!

The successful heroes look on as Temple of Darkness Sorceress revives the podium and returns the magic stones to the “dish” once again; evil has been defeated by the heroic Masters of the Universe!

Temple of Darkness Sorceress is a figure I’ve waited months to get. The figure went on sale as a surprise during Mattel’s Black Friday sale, I was very lucky to be able to get—2 of them actually—one to open and one to keep carded. I almost didn’t get them because it was 2 weeks before they were shipped. If anything, I am very satisfied with both figures and the wait and worry was worth it, the last thing I wanted to do was pay more than double for one when I got 2 for less.

Great figure, very tight joints and a nice paint job as far as I’m concerned, I highly recommend Temple of Darkness Sorceress—even on the aftermarket. A very nice Traveling Convention Figure.

GRADE: A+ (I feel that Temple of Darkness Sorceress is well made and a very interesting figure even if it is just a repaint with a couple of altered parts and a very basic accessory).


pixel Temple of Darkness Sorceress!

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