The Brawl to End All Brawls

conan tarja 1 The Brawl to End All Brawls

For the past year or so I haven’t been watching Conan O’Brien for some unknown reason. But last week I decided to watch it again because there was nothing else on TV. As usual, the monologue was pretty funny, but what I love are his crazy non-sense segments. Sometimes we see the masturbating bear, other times he goes on location with celebrities and of course the fan favorite: Triumph The Insult Comic Dog!

This time around, he didn’t have any of those sketches. Conan just started complaining that he should get credit for Mike Huckabee’s campaign instead of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Which leads to this classic tv moment:

0 The Brawl to End All Brawls

To all the readers, have a safe and kinky Valentine’s Day!

pixel The Brawl to End All Brawls

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