The Goal

Embrace “Nerdy” Sub-culture.

Franco Te and Chris Corso created NERDSociety in 2007 with the vision to share their passion with fellow sub-culture addicts.  They sent a message that love for comics, video games, action figures and anime is something to be proud of.

As NERDSociety continued its vision in 2010, the site was discovered and featured on “CNN’s Showbiz Tonight.”

“That was a really cool experience, once in a lifetime!  But at the end of the day, the best feeling is the response from our fellow nerds.  They’re always excited about the latest  news we share with them.” Te said.

Today, NERDSociety has 8 active writers ranging from the movie buffs to toy collectors and gamers.  There’s two things all of them have in common: doing it for fun and being proud of their interest.  Corso had these final words:

“We’re not a site, we’re a community.   We’re just your typical fan that enjoys comic cons and midnight screenings.”

 The Team

  • Franco "Cricket" Te

  • Co-founder/Owner

Back in the late 80’s, Franco discovered the 2 coolest thing ever….Batman and Nintendo!  The 1989 Batman introduced him to the comic book universe, which he stills enjoy to this day.  He’s mostly a DC fan.  He loves Mark Millar’s work including Marvel’s Ultimates and Nemesis.  He likes going to comic book shops and scavenging at the bargain bin.

Nintendo made Cricket a gamer for life and while he’s a hardcore fan of Shigeru Miyamoto, he also has a  PS3.  His favorite console is the Nintendo 64 because of classic games like Mario 64, Wrestlemania 2000 and WaveRace.

Favorite Movie: Black Hawk Down
Favorite Game: Super Mario Brothers 3
Favorite Superhero: Batman
Favorite Action Figure:  McFarlane Toys Crow

  • Chris "CCFMDS" Corso

  • Co-founder/Writer

Corso has a huge collection of anime DVDs (and now a few blu-rays) but he does not consider himself to be otaku.  Just a casual fan that loves Japanese animation.

He is a huge movie buff and loves all genres of film (especially the fantasy genre). His top movies would include Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Miyazaki animes, Stardust, Goodfellas, Mysterious Skin, and Nowhere. He has written on his own blog for years now,  “I have a passion for everything in the nerdsociety culture”, Chris said.

Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight
Favorite Game: Crazy Taxi
Favorite Superhero: Spider-man
Favorite Action Figure: Phantasm, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

  • Francis "Mongoose" Te

  • Photographer

Besides posting  funny videos and writing reviews, Francis is the resident photographer.  His work has take him to the biggest and most intimate conventions in the nation.  His photography skills stemmed from his childhood days when he would draw for hours.

He watched Bruce Lee movies  back in the days and it motivated him to train in martial arts.  After a good workout he likes to eat healthy by munching on the juiciest burgers and steaks.

Mongoose is a big fan of The Walking Dead tv show and can’t be bothered on Sunday nights.

Favorite Movie: Black Hawk Down
Favorite Game: Super Mario 64
Favorite Superhero: Batman
Favorite Action Figure: Hot Toys 1/6th Loki

  • M. Aaron "Paladin" Rosen

  • Associate Editor-East/Toy Aficionado

Rosen is a collector of action figures that range from anime, Figma to Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe with a little of everything in between.

A big fan and collector of anime ranging from the early 80’s of Voltron and Tranzor Z to today’s greats such as Bakemonogatari, The Rebuild of Evangelion and many that fall in-between—such as K-ON!, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, xxxHolic, Eureka SeVen and countless others. Rosen’s interests are quite well-rounded, but his specialties lie in toys and animation.

Favorite Movie: K-ON! The Movie
Favorite Game: Persona 4: The Golden
Favorite Superhero: Batman
Favorite Action Figure: (You’re Kidding Right)? Chariot Figma from Black Rock Shooter

  • Kuu "Kuno" Siler

  • Editor-In-Chief/Writer

Kuno is an avid nerd and sci-fi buff who loves movies. Watching subtitled Tokusatsu shows from a very young age, Kuno became interested in all things animated, and that includes video games. Various versions of Call of Duty and Halo can frequently be found housed in Kuno’s Xbox 360. Kuno also loves Star Wars, and still rates Star Wars Jedi Outcast: Jedi Knight II for Gamecube as one of the best games ever. As a teenager Kuno came across a Daredevil comic featuring Elektra and a love for comics was ignited, to this day, ranking it as the most prolific comic book love story ever told.

Favorite Movie: Blade Runner
Favorite Game: Halo 3 ODST
Favorite Superhero: Elektra Nachios
Favorite Action Figure: Kikaida

  • Michael "Miss M" Lynn

  • Writer

For the honor of dorkettes! Michael is a huge fan of all manners of nerdiness. Having the fortunate luck to arrive into the universe during the 80’s, Miss M grew up loving 80’s cartoons and the toy lines that inspired them.

Never quite shaking off her love for collecting and embracing all things nerd, Miss M enjoys writing and talking about comics, toys (both old and new) and just about anything that is fun and full of charm. Her guilty pleasures include soap operas and scented dolls. She knows she isn’t the only one.

Favorite Movie: The Little Mermaid
Favorite Game: Final Fantasy IV
Favorite Superhero: Rogue
Favorite Action Figure: Anything from She-Ra Princess of Power

  • Ivan "Game Raging Psycho" Krolo

  • Writer/Reviewer

Game Raging Psycho is a massive fan of the video game industry ever since he played Tarzan on Windows 2000 for the first time.

While he’s not much of a toy fan or a collector, he is an extreme cinephile.  His favorites are superhero movies.

He loves animated series’ including Batman TAS, Spectacular Spider-Man and every other great show in the past 6 years that has been canceled by corporate scumbags. He is also a man who you can count on to give you his honest (and often very blunt) opinion, 100% BS free!

Favorite Movie: Batman Begins
Favorite Game: Dragon Age Origins
Favorite Superhero: Batman
Favorite Action Figure: None in particular

  • Leslie "Rooks" Almeida

  • Writer/Reviewer

Leslie, a screenwriter, started by writing poetry and short stories.

Has worked on independent films,  such as the 48 Hour Film Project and other screenwriters with their own independent projects.

In the last few years, Leslie was recognized and awarded  by the Hollywood Screenplay Association and the Colorado Film Festival, for her own psychological thriller screenplay “Cannin Powell”,  While awaiting funding for the project, Leslie continues to write psychological thriller screenplays and is currently working on an upcoming short film, “Murder @ Midnite”.

Favorite Movie: Goodfellas
Favorite Game: None
Favorite Superhero: Neo ~ The Matrix
Favorite Action Figure: None

  • Tracy "Trajeff" Johnson

  • Writer/Reviewer

Trajeff can`t really remember her first  dive into the pool of nerd culture….but from an early age, she was entranced by  a) seeking knowledge and, b)  really weird stuff.

Trajeff loved reading from an early age…in fact, she can remember paging through an old copy of Alice in Wonderland and marveling at the surreal Tenniel pictures…a few weeks later, she read it for the first time and was immediately obsessed.

Her geeking out over fantasy lit was followed in the coming years by passions for science fiction,  cartoons, and the Marvel and DC-verses.   Though Trajeff majored in Victorian lit in college, she never lost her love for all things nerd.  In fact, authors like H.G. Wells and Robert Louis Stevenson wrote about the improbable all the time and kind of anticipated steampunk culture.

Favorite Movie: There are so many….2001 Raimi Spiderman and  Lynch`s Blue Velvet are definitely up there
Favorite Game: I`m not as much of a gamer, but I do like Batman Arkham Asylum
Favorite Superhero: Batman (Spiderman and Wonder Woman  as well)
Favorite Action Figure: Mego Retro figures

  • Audra "AQUILA" Aki

  • Writer, Artist, Cosplayer, Convention Correspondent

“If the world was a perfect place, everyone would dress as super heroes!”

Aquila adores dressing up in the latest and classic super hero fashions. She’s always been in love with all things nerdy and geekish, sci-fi, animation and comic books, be it American, Japanese, Terran or alien! She majored in animation in college and is currently working on her own graphic novel. When she’s not hanging out with her four legged partner in crime, you can catch her at a local beach, park, comic book store, or sewing her next alter ego!

Favorite Movie: Aliens
Favorite Game: MarioKart / Rogue Squadron
Favorite Super Hero: Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm)
Favorite Action Figure: Aurra Sing (signed by the actress Michonne Bourriague)