The Final Night of LOST

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Last night concluded the 6 year run of the television series LOST.  The 2 hour finale would lay to rest many questions and would ultimately bring up some new ones.  People will be talking about this episode for weeks and giving their theories on what happened but truly I could not care less because the big end of the world conflict wasn’t what really mattered but the development of the characters and watching their journey to this point.  I believe the creators knew that this has been their key point in the success of the show and is what ultimately helped shape an amazing finale that I believe will leave many fans of the show satisfied.

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I started watching LOST while it was in it’s 3rd season.  Thanks to Netflix and the internet, my girlfriend and I would marathon through an entire season in a matter of a few days.  What kept us so interested in the show and wanting more was the intriguing characters and the unpredictability of the show.  For me it seemed like I was watching a show created by someone who watched the same movies as I did growing up.  One of the things I loved is that rarely does a show withhold all the answers and dare it’s viewers to suspend disbelief and still continue its viewers to join along for the ride.

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Such a touching moment; Vincent being there for Jack just like he was when Jack awoke on the island.

It truly saddens me to see this show come to an end but I know it had to eventually.  I just wished more shows were like this, its very hard for me to get into television shows because many of them don’t have a set ending and they can just go on forever if the money is still there.  I have to say  that I am happy with the way the show ended and glad to have given my time to it.  I feel that I have been reimbursed with quite an amazing experience that I will not soon forget.   I just would like to say to the cast and creators, “Thank you! It has been a hell of a ride.”

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