The HESS Truck!

Hess 1 1024x584 The HESS Truck!

This collection belonged to my Dad whom passed away in 2006.
Technically it now belongs to me, but the fact that I was the one who bought some of them for him and the others he got himself; it’s not truly mine.

I think a lot of people wonder what will happen to their collection after they are gone. (I do every time I look at mine…) Would someone sell it? Get it ruined because they don’t care? OR, would they keep it as their own.

I have chosen for more than one reason to keep it as my own. 1. My brother didn’t want any of them. 2. I appreciate the collection itself. And 3. I love Hess Trucks! Since I was a kid I always wanted a Hess Truck–and never got one…::sob!:: Now I have an excellent collection that belonged to family.

Hess 2 521x1024 The HESS Truck!

With each truck dated on the license plate, 1994 seems to be the oldest of the collection–20 years old. The trucks then climb to 2005 which is the red fire truck–the last one I got for my Dad.

Hess 3 1024x679 The HESS Truck!

Each truck is still boxed; however, all have lights and sounds and use 2 C batteries which are included. Also, the gas station offers a bag that features the truck on it in great detail that goes with the box art of each truck making the bag a collectible itself.

Even though some of the “trucks” are not trucks–one is a helicopter, they are just wonderful toys that you can only get during the end of year holidays.

Most of the trucks come with an accessory of race cars, motorcycles, a plane, a space shuttle, etc… These extra vehicles have lights, a pull-back and rev feature to make them go and the same detail as the large truck.

Hess 4 623x1024 The HESS Truck!

I have one that I can call my own and that is the 2007 monster truck with 2 motorcycles.

Great collection if I do say so myself. I take the best care that I can of it.

So…this is my Hess Toy Truck Collection, please be sure to read the Q&A from Hess on getting it into the National Toy Hall of Fame–together, WE ALL can make it happen!

pixel The HESS Truck!

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