The Illuminati and Lady Gaga (Music and Society)

Gaga Full The Illuminati and Lady Gaga (Music and Society)

Lady Gaga has a popular new video out called “Telephone” with Beyonce that is extremely controversial (to say the least). The explicit video has transvesites, partial nudity, and mass murder during a disturbing scene where a bloated, unshaven Tyrese is poisoned by Gaga and Beyonce’s “Honey B”……probably because of poor acting, but is the video deeper and more sinister than it appears on the surface? A website called would have you believe so.

Lady Gaga 12 The Illuminati and Lady Gaga (Music and Society)

The all-seeing eye beckons me to buy overpriced Lady Gaga earphones !

Mr Vigilant (no one knows his real name, but at least he gets high speed from his bunker) believes that Lady Gaga is a puppet of The Illuminati and her videos are all about the occult and mind control, and he has A LOT of followers who believe the same thing. The repeated Illuminati symbols (the covering of one eye, and the a-ok sign) that Gaga uses has his followers enraged. They believe Gaga and Beyonce (tastefully called The Whores of Babylon in one forum post on are puppets of the Illuminati. Vigilant writes in-depth (often fairly articulately) about other artists like Jay Z, Rhianna, Lil Wayne, and even the innoccous pop-punk group Paramore who are also Illuminati converts who fill their videos with mind control and Illuminati symbols. Paramore’s “Brick by Boring Brick” video is about mind control…..who knew. There’s also an article about the anime Yu Gi Oh, but it’s so laughable, I don’t feel the need to comment on it.

Lady Gaga 2 The Illuminati and Lady Gaga (Music and Society)
Scary !

Vigilant clearly knows a lot about this subject I can’t totally condemn him, but I think he’s reaching and at times his articles can even be dangerous. His followers seem to be right-wing religious nuts. If you lived through the “heavy metal is Satan worship” period that I did, it caused a bizarre hysteria that is still felt to these days. Yes, the connections are stronger and vigilant is more intelligent than the average nut, but the end result might sadly be the same. My feeling is that Lady Gaga is a terrific performer and her connections to the Illuminati are other complete horseshit, or her just messing with us (vigilant says he’s considered that one already). I suggest everyone check out his site for themselves if you’d like to know more about his theories. I think the world has a lot bigger problems right now than goofy conspiracy theories and as soon as the basement dwellers start to worry about their own lives and not about the so-called “dangerous” message of pop videos, the better off our society will be. It’s the first day of spring, go for a walk, and get some fresh air. I think I’ll listen to some Gaga on my ipod and head to my local park…..hopefully I won’t become a mind-controlled drone…….but stay tuned………….


pixel The Illuminati and Lady Gaga (Music and Society)

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