The Last Airbender vs. Twilight Saga: Eclipse

LastAirbender poster 424x600 The Last Airbender vs. Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Alright fellow nerds, Eclipse and The Last Airbender have gotten a lot of hype and both are released this week.  Eclipse came out today while Airbender comes out tomorrow.  So which movie should you watch?  As much as I’d hate to say this because I love the Avatar show, I’d probably have to go with Eclipse.

As I type this, M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender is taking a beating on rottentomatoes with only a 4%  rating .  That means that more than 95% of the critics gave it a negative review.  Even Dragonball has a better rating at 13%, OUCH!  Right now, Airbender is on par with Street Fighter and Gigli.  Can this movie be really that bad?  Well let’s take at some blurbs and quotes from the critics:

“”The Last Airbender is a joyless, soulless, muddled mess, but the worst part of all doesn’t come until the very end. That’s when it makes the clear suggestion that two more such movies are in store for us.” – AP

“Even during the climax, the film still is struggling to introduce the world of the film and its strange rules.” – Hollywood Reporter

“Who would have thought Shyamalan would come up with a movie that makes his Lady in the Water look positively sensible?” Fort-Worth Star-Telegram

I hated Lady in The Water and if that’s a better movie, Last Airbender must be torture to watch. The Last Airbender vs. Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Eclipse has gotten mixed reviews but at least half of the critics enjoyed it at Rottentomatoes.  I had no intention of watching this flick but humor for an vampire movie could go a long way.  The critics seem to enjoy the humor and better production value.  Here’s what they had to say:

“By punctuating Bella’s hand-wringing histrionics with moments of comic relief, Slade strikes a pleasing balance that future ‘Twilight’ directors might well find instructive.” –  SF Examiner

“David Slade goes for more of everything: action, violence and unrequited sexual tension.” – Sydney Morning Herald

“The action scenes and CG effects are much improved and the movie is overall a lot better than it has any right to be.” – review from CCFMDS

More than likely, I’ll still probably watch Last Airbender because I wanna know how M Night screwed it up so badly…or maybe it’s not as bad as critics think.  With the lukewarm reviews for Eclipse, I’ll check it out as well.  It sounds like a fun movie.

Which one are you watching?

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