‘The Rock’ And Bay

dwayne johnson 3 The Rock And Bay

‘The Rock,’ excuse me, I mean Dwayne Johnson is in close talks with Michael Bay for the director’s next film. Here’s the shocker, the film will only run $20 Million. Is it possible for the Transformers director to direct such a low budget film? Of course it is. His directorial debut with Bad Boys cost $19 million, and in my opinion, is one of his better films. Transformers was great, but the second and third sequels were rehashes.

bay transformers3 The Rock And Bay

The next project will be called ‘Pain and Gain,’ and is about two body builders running amok in the mean streets of Miami, as they get caught up in bad business. Hmm, this sounds a little like Bad Boys, which isn’t a bad thing. Original? No. But, potentially very funny? Heck Yes!!

Mark Wahlberg is also in talks with Bay for the other role, but reportedly has a busy schedule around the time Bay wants to start the film. If Wahlberg signs, I guess it can work, as Johnson and Wahlberg were both in the comedy, ‘The Other Guys,’ with Will Farrell. And, Bay’s comedic style, although very cheesy, works for me.

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