‘The Room’ in 3D?

the room The Room in 3D?

(Insidemovies) If you’re not familiar with The Room, it is a horrible film with a cult following. Why? Fans will say that it’s so terrible that it’s so funny. Now, the director, Tommy Wiseau, is planning on releasing the film on 3D.

0 The Room in 3D?

I don’t get what the big deal is with this film. Okay, it’s horrible, so let’s shove it aside and forget that it ever existed. But, Wiseau does not want people to forget. He is planning on releasing clothing lines such underwear, sportswear, etc. I guess if the demand is there, then why not!

I might not know what the big deal is, but these guys sure do.

0 The Room in 3D? Thanks to Dave Chen for the video.

pixel The Room in 3D?

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