The Top 10 Cult Films of All Time

Top 10 Cult Films of All Time

bladerunner4 The Top 10 Cult Films of All Time

My list of the Top 10 Cult Films of all Time

1.  Blade Runner  (Ridley Scott’s mind-blowing futuristic film is one of the most influential science fiction films of all time, also featuring a great new-age/electronic score from Vangelis)

2.  Donnie Darko (the cult film that made became the battle cry for emo goths everywhere, a truly original experience that grows more popular every year, dumped by the studio, it made millions on DVD)

3.  Heathers (Heathers is another cult film that inspired seemingly dozens of teen comedies, right up to, and including, Mean Girls)

4.  Clerks (the profane and hilarious comedy that made Kevin Smith a household name started as a black and white film made for practically nothing, as a bonus, the sequel was surprisingly funny)

5.  Brick (the ultra-hip film noir set in high school, starring Joseph Gordon Leavitt, an under-seen gem)

6.  Equilibrium (Christian Bale stars in the science fiction action drama that is better than The Matrix and one of the most popular DVD sellers of recent years…….not bad for a 20 million dollar flick dumped by Harvey Weinstein)

7.  American Psycho (the film that helped make Christian Bale a star actually wasn’t a huge box office hit and reviews were good but not great, looking back, it seems better and sharper than ever)

8.  Ghost in the Shell (the anime that started it all as far as cyberpunk is concerned, a source of inspiration for Matrix and many other live action films to this day)

9.  Hard Boiled (John Woo’s ultra-violent masterwork with a cool as ice Chow Yun Fat and about 1,000 bloody slo-motion deaths)

10.  Mysterious Skin (Gregg Araki’s best film, its a cult film because even though not that many people have seen it, those who do talk about it and recommend it, word of mouth for the film is phenomenal)

What’s your favorite cult film ?  Feel free to leave some of your favorites and comment on the list

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