The Top 10 Films of 2007

 stardust bigreleaseposter The Top 10 Films of 2007

Note:  I have not seen many of the “acclaimed” films out there.  The ones I would still like to see include Smiley Face, Once, There Will Be Blood,  and The King of Kong.  These are my favorite 10 films that I have actually seen.

1.  Stardust:  Stardust is my favorite film of the year and an instant fantasy classic.  The DVD is good (but not great) and I expect an upgrade in the near future as word spreads of this highly enjoyable and highly underrated film.

2.  Day Watch:  Russian horror/fantasy/action/drama outdoes the original film (Night Watch) and is one of the most innovative films of the year.  It also features a great conclusion to the fantasy epic.  Acting and effects are both excellent and done on a very low budget. 

3.  No Country for Old Men:  The Coen Brothers return to form with this bloody and violent noir with excellent cinematography and performances all around.  Javier Bardem is a lock for best supporting actor for his freakish sociopath character named Anton Chigurh.

4.  The Bourne Ultimatum:  Bourne ends on a high note.  It’s the best big budget action film in ages with its jittery camerawork and kick-ass fights, it’s the most fun of any film I’ve seen this year. 

5.  Hannibal Rising:  Hannibal Rising is beautifully filmed and cast, and unfairly maligned by critics.  It’s the best revenge drama of the year and adds new layers to the Hannibal character.  It actually gets better every time you watch it.  Critics must have missed the prancing and over-acting by Anthony Hopkins in later Hannibal films. 

6.  The Host:  Korean monster movie with political overtones and lots of heart.  This is the most surprising and entertaining film of the year, and the first attack by the giant creature on the banks of the Han River is the best sequence in any film this year.

7.  The Simpsons Movie:  This is one of my favorite comedy of the year.  The Simpsons Movie is hilarious, features upgraded art and animation, and was almost worth the wait.  Lets just hope we don’t have to wait so long for the sequel.

8.  No End in Sight:  Terrific and clear-eyed account of the bungled war in Iraq.  This is the most disturbing film of the year as a moronic cowboy president and his posse of right wing thugs took us into a war that they didn’t understand how to wage and now don’t know how to exit.

9.  Transformers:  Transformers is pure entertainment with state of the art effects, a likable cast, and lots of loud explosions.  It’s pure Michael Bay action porn…….and he does it better than any other director around.

10.  The Lookout:  Another standout performance from the excellent Joseph Gordon Leavitt highlights this terrific little gem.  Jeff Daniels steals scenes as a blind and wise mentor and the tight scripting and pacing reminds me of Fargo and Memento.

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