Thor #1 for Mother’s Day – Fast Five Takes Second


new thor trailer 2 Thor #1 for Mothers Day   Fast Five Takes Second

If they were racing for pinks Thor would be owning a Fast & Furious 10 second car right now.  Well okay, this is Thor‘s opening weekend and total receipts are being estimated at $66 mil which is well under what Fast Five did last week.  Thor actually opened around the world over a week ago (don’t ask me why the US got to see it last) and has so far taken in $176 mil. worldwide.  For a comic book movie, that’s pretty good.  And there’s definitely a reason for this:  Thor‘s a good movie.  There, I said it.  Here are my favorite things about Thor:

Chris Hemsworth – Okay so enough about the beefcake aspect.  He’s hot; that’s obvious.  But there’s more to it than that.  It’s the way he plays the mighty God of Thunder.  He pulls it off in a way that, say, Brad Pitt never could.  Hemsworth’s got the aggression thing down good and we got to see a little of that in Perfect Getaway as well.

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki – Without giving too much away, I think Loki does for adoption what the movie Orphan tried to do but failed by making the little girl look too much like Chuckie.  You do the math.  And yet, Hiddleston’s mastery over the wimpy/pathetic act makes you almost feel sorry for Loki… almost….

Natalie Portman – Did you know she could do comedy?  I admit, I haven’t seen His Highness yet so I wasn’t privy to her comedic side until now.  She’s actually funny.

Special FX – I have to say, the effects are really good.  They were going for really big like Thor’s hammer big and they succeeded in pushing the envelope of how we perceive the strength of really heavy impacts.  It’s as much to do with audio as it is visual.  Stopping short of actually having a theater employee stand there and punch you in the face in the dark, all that’s needed now are seats that vibrate like game controllers and the experience will be complete.

Humor – For not being touted as a comedy per se, this movie is pretty funny.  The audience was rolling and I let out a belly chuckle or two myself.   Hemsworth had said that his favorite parts of the movie were the funny scenes on earth with Natalie Portman and now I know what he means.  The writing was great in this respect.

Asano Tadanobu’s US mainstream debut as Hogun, Thor’s homeboy – It’s nice to see Asanosan breaking out of the Japan film market.  Although he had only a few lines, I know this is just the start of something big.  It’s about time America got to see how great of an actor he really is.

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye – Nerdsociety reported on a rumor not too far back that Hawkeye would make a cameo in Thor.  His scene was short but very sweet and definitely left me looking forward to seeing him in the Avengers.

Overall, I’m recommending Thor.  The first five minutes started off a little clumsily but once you adapt to the alien environments of the other worlds, it moves along just fine.  I can think of a lot worse ways to spend 10 bucks. Oh yeah, one more thing… Don’t forget to stay for the teaser at the end of the credits.

[Source: Deadline]


pixel Thor #1 for Mothers Day   Fast Five Takes Second

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