Threadless Shirt Winners!

58x48shirt guys 01 Threadless Shirt Winners! 

 The last winner announcement belongs to the Threadless contest.  They were kind enough to give away 2 shirts so I thought it’d be easy picking the winners.  This was probably the hardest because the entries had so many epic nerd moments. 

The first winner is Asriel:

“My nerdiest experience is when i was meeting some new people, and someone asked a question about the AT-AT in a sort of joke, and i went into a 10 minutes speech on the specs and workings of the AT-AT and then realized everyone staring at me, shocked that i knew so much about a pretend ship, lol.”

I have to give it to Asriel.  Even I can’t talk 10 minutes about my own car and this guy talked about a Star Wars vehicle that wasn’t even on screen for more than 20 minutes.  This guy also did it in front of strangers so you know he just loves geek talk, no matter who it’s with.  So Asriel, congrats on being a true nerd.

The second winner is Gianna:

“During a job interview making a star trek reference, mostly out of nervousness and then getting the job. That was fun.”

Gianna gets the win because she was in a really stressful situation and she used her geekiness to her advantage.  It’s easier to talk about things you love with people who share the same passion, but to talk to your future employer about it shows you have skills. 

636x460shirt girls 01 Threadless Shirt Winners!

These other entries were worth mentioning:

Steph: “Well I am a cosplayer so that in its self is pretty nerdy. But cosplaying at a convention or midnight movie premiere seems to be getting more common. So putting that aside the thing that stands out in my mind is a few weeks before Halloween I found out a store 2 states away was having an amazing Manga/ comic deal. So a caravan of my friends and I drove the 3 hours to get to the store 20min before they closed. Then drove the 3 hours home. Was it worth it—yes. “

Lataevea: “Well my whole life is nerdy/slash geeky but just this month i attended with my 2 year old son and husband comic con! I have my picture taken with a sith lord, it was hard getting just me and the sith in a pic my husband kept tring to get in the pic. I was like I’m tring to take a pic with the hot sith lord here! lol..but all in all my hubbie was a good sport. He’s the only dark side guy I want.”

Thanks for everyone that particpated in all 4 contests.  Don’t forget we’ll have a new contest up on Black Friday!

Thanks to Threadless for the awesome shirts!  Check out their site for more cool designs!


pixel Threadless Shirt Winners!

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