Threadless Zelda Shirt Contest Winner

zelda1 Threadless Zelda Shirt Contest Winner

Zelda has a great legacy and it’s hard to choose one favorite game from the franchise so we knew how tough the contest was for the fans.  We want to thank everyone that joined the Threadless contest.  Below are the two winners:


A Link to the Past. Why? It’s just the best. It introduced several of the great staple weapons including the hook shot. It took everything that worked with the original Link and made it better.. and it’s not 3d. It’s in lovely, beautiful 2D with lovely pixelated greatness. If it wasn’t so amazing, they wouldn’t have made 3D Dot Game Heroes based off it. Yup, that amazing. Oh yeah and it was on like the best system of my childhood.. the SUPER NINTENDO. It was.. SUPER and a Nintendo. What more do you need?

We loved this answer because Jason goes back to the old school days.  I think Zelda works better as a 2D  Also, Link To The Past was a favorite for some of our writers.

zelda2 Threadless Zelda Shirt Contest Winner

Next up goes to Brandi:

My favorite Zelda game in Ocarina Of Time. It was the first game my mom and I played together (we are both huge Zelda fans. One of the only things we have in common) I loved exploring all the places in Hyrule and meeting new characters. My favorites where the Zoras. The side-quests were fun and so were the puzzles. The music will always take you back to when you were young and all you had to worry about was beating that damn water temple. Zelda will forever be my favorite game series. Really, what’s NOT to like about it?

This is what being a nerd is all about.  Spending quality time with family while trying to save Hyrule!

Thanks to Threadless for the contest and be sure to check out there cool shirts.  They’re also having a $10 sale on Labor Day, 9/5/2011.

pixel Threadless Zelda Shirt Contest Winner

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