Titanic in 3D? Hell Yeah!

titanic Titanic in 3D? Hell Yeah!

Don't sprain your neck!

I’ll be the first to admit that Titanic is a great movie, I mean people loved it, then hated it. To me, Titanic is a classic! Yes, there were some stupid moments like the jealous boyfriend chasing Leo and Kate around as the ship was sinking. But, the moments that made this movie great is the same reason why I’m excited about the announced 3D release. L.A. Times reported that the project is currently on the works. The plan is to coincide the release with Titanic’s 100th Anniversary, around April 2012.

titanic2 Titanic in 3D? Hell Yeah!

As cold as Ice!!!!

My guess is, this will be another hit for our friend, Jim!

pixel Titanic in 3D? Hell Yeah!

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