Tonight Is Not A Good Night For Dying

 Some of us are lucky to see an end to something we value is coming.  But to most, it comes as a shocking surprise.  Life takes a mean toll on some of us.  Those tolls can be costly.  We hussle and bussle thru our day, living in our own mind’s world.  Even selfishly attained an entitled sense that life and the world around it should obey one rule and one rule only, “Mine!” However, life has its own plan.  It’s not meant to be treated like a thermostat, that can easily be adjusted when thing get too hot to handle.  We have to be above the situation and evolve,  to what is uncomfortable.  Perhaps Life’s bloody blows are to make us aware of how to clean up and not how to give up.  There are vicious lows, we have all been there.  No one experience is better or worse than another’s, but we can learn from them.  One thing I have learned is, there are two kinds of people in this world, those who listen and those who wait to talk.  You can learn alot from those who listen, their demeanor, character, and their ability to process thoughts and make rational decisions.  Decisions not based on pure raw emotion.  But don’t kid yourself; you can also learn a lot from those who wait to talk.  They’re sense of misguidance, no direction, chaos and most of all, ignorance of what keeps them from listening.  Their choices are sometimes, alive and spontaneous.  They can also be dangerous and harmful, not just to others but to themselves.  In this short film,  “Tonight is Not a Good Night For Dying” by Ali Asgari, we can view a different perspective.  One in which, we never know what the outcome could have been, what a difference it would have made if we would just take a step back and listen.  One thing is for sure, sometimes, once you make a bad decision, there is no turning back. 

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