Top 20 Best-Selling Graphic Novels for March


781124 Top 20 Best Selling Graphic Novels for March

Who would’ve thought that television could actually get people to read?  It’s always been known as having the opposite effect. Bookscan’s list tells another tale as titles like The Walking Dead and A Game of Thrones dominate. While these publications do have other literary tie-ins, the influence of their TV adaptations on sales is undeniable. Also on the list is Diablo III: Book of Cain HC which is based on the popular video game.

Sailor Moon and Naruto are holding on to the 2nd and 3rd spots but manga in general got edged out by numerous volumes of The Walking Dead. The Last Airbender also makes an appearance but I highly doubt it has anything to do with Shamalama’s film adaptation.  (Note: these rankings reflect sales at bookstore chains and online purchases only).

1. The Walking Dead Compendium One by Kirkman/Image

2. Sailor Moon Vol. 4 by Takeuchi/Kodansha

3. Naruto Vol. 55 by Kishimoto/Viz Media

4. The Walking Dead Book 1 (Hardcover) by Kirkman/Image

5. The Walking Dead Vol. 1 by Kirkman/Image

6. The Walking Dead Vol. 15 by Kirkman/Image

7. A Game of Thrones Graphic Novel Vol. 1 (Hardcover) by Martin/Bantam

8. The Walking Dead Vol. 2 by Kirkman/Image

9. The Walking Dead Vol. 3 by Kirkman/Image

10. The Walking Dead Book 2 (Hardcover) by Kirkman/Image

11. Blackbird Vol. 13 by Sakurakoji/Viz Media

12. The Walking Dead Vol. 4 by Kirkman/Image

13. The Walking Dead Book 3 (Hardcover) by Kirkman/Image

14. One Piece Vol. 61 by Oda/Viz Media

15. The Walking Dead Book 5 (Hardcover) by Kirkman/Image

16. Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise Part 1 by Yang/Darkhorse

17. The Walking Dead Vol. 5 by Kirkman/Image

18. The Walking Dead  Vol. 9 by Kirkman/Image

19. The Walking Dead Book 7 (Hardcover) by Kirkman/Image

20. Naruto: The Official Character Data Book by Kishimoto/Viz Media

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