Top 5 Awesomely Fan-made Trailers

You take boredom, add fandom, mix it all with a little cinema magic and what do you get?  Some pretty F@#$n awesome fan-made trailers!

While some of them are just re-hashes of other movies masked by Adobe After Effects, there are also those that go the extra mile to see there favorite Super Heroes come to life.

Here are my top 5 fan-made trailers:

5.)  Thundercats
0 Top 5 Awesomely Fan made Trailers

Thundercats is one of my all time favorite cartoon shows growing up.  I even had the sword, which my grandmother sadly gave away to Goodwill. Very well done After Effects, and what an awesome cast, you gotta love Garfield as Snarf lol.


0 Top 5 Awesomely Fan made Trailers

Ahhh yeah!!! Grab your crowbars it’s time to send those portal-riff cretins back to where ever the hell they came from!

If you would like to see a movie that looks like what would happen if there was a small town outside of the Black Mesa facility, I suggest watching The Mist.  Good movie.

3.)  The Legend of Zelda

0 Top 5 Awesomely Fan made Trailers

On April Fool’s Day IGN released this supposed theatrical trailer of The Legend of Zelda.  My biggest grip with the trailer is there Link is too manly XP

2.)  The Green Lantern

0 Top 5 Awesomely Fan made Trailers

This is the more recent fan-made trailer, the actual movie is due to be released on June 17, 2011.  Pretty good production value, especially the hanger.  The actor doesn’t really fit Hal Jordan; then again, neither does Ryan Reynolds.

0 Top 5 Awesomely Fan made Trailers

Good use of Independence Day, Dragon Ball, Galaxy Quest, The Matrix, and Nathan Fillion, lol.

I’ve never been much of a Green Lantern fan but I did like the Paralax Saga where he nearly kills the entire Green Lantern Corps.  A good read is The Rebirth of The Green Lantern when Hal Jordan comes back.


0 Top 5 Awesomely Fan made Trailers

One of earth’s mightiest heroes has fallen, and in the wake of his death his partner struggles with the grief of not knowing who killed his friend.  Dick Grayson is a man on a mission to find the person responsible for Batman’s death.

Everyone was in this trailer, Superman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Joker, The Penguin, Bat-Girl.  I also like the style homage to the old Adam West Batman series with Chief O’Hara.  There is also a homage to The Killing Joke in the scene where the Joker breaks into Barbara’s home, Joker is wearing the same outfit he wore when he shot and paralyzed Barbara.  The production of this trailer cost was reportedly $18,000 dollars.

It was suppose to be show at Comic-Con in a new segment for Fan Films, but DC Comics demanded that the convention honor their intellectual property rights and halt all showings of Fan Films based on their characters.  So that sucks.

I think in the end it is best not to expect much from making a fan-made trailer.  “Joe Hollywood” will not come knock on your door asking you to direct his multi-million dollar franchise, it just doesn’t work that way.  Just enjoy the connection you’ve made with people who share the same passion as you, that’s all you can really hope for.

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pixel Top 5 Awesomely Fan made Trailers

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