My Top-5 Best Movie Trailers

matrix My Top 5 Best Movie Trailers

Below are my list of memorable trailers. I’m not a big fan of all the films listed below, but it doesn’t change the fact that their trailers are awesome!

5) Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story – This trailer has a mythical feel, just like Bruce Lee himself. The movie was a bit campy, but the trailer was effective in summarizing Bruce Lee’s legacy

4) Matrix – Pretty boring at first, but when the music started playing, and Trinity flips against the wall, it was awesome!

3) Blackhawk Down (Teaser) – An epic Ridley Scott film. This was made after Gladiator. I like how they used Lisa Gerard’s music from Gladiator to set the mood in the beginning.

2) From Hell – The trailer has a very stylish MTV style editing, and it works.This is not a great movie, but it’s definitely underrated, the set-design for this film is amazing.

1) Gladiator (Teaser) – Using the score from Conan, this teaser is very effective in introducing us to Maximus. I like the use of freeze-frames, as it reminds me of Scorsese films.

There ya go folks! What’s your favorite trailers?

pixel My Top 5 Best Movie Trailers

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