Totally Bitch’in Collectible: TWEWY Pins!

It’s hard to find things that interest you, especially if it’s from a video game that’s a few years old.
I fell in love with The World Ends With You for the Nintendo DS, the game had so many cool things about it. One of the best aspects were the pins that you used as weapons through psychic ability. I found someone who made the pins custom and was offered different selection amounts. I chose 48 pieces out of the 304 available. I didn’t like every pin in the game so this was a perfect option for me to take.

First, the craftsmanship is excellent, they are one inch pins with sturdy backs to pierce through just about anything including clothing, hats or a shadow box. I have mine in a jewelry display that has a snap close lid which is padded on the inside so they don’t move around when the box is closed. The bottom in which the pins sit is velvet. Amazingly, all 48 pins fit in it perfectly!
This is temporary, I plan to set up a shadow box and hang it on the wall.

TWEWY Pins 1024x669 Totally Bitch’in Collectible: TWEWY Pins!

TWEWY Pins. Click The Image To Enlarge For Detail!

I’ll give descriptions of some of the pins, but I’m sure fans of TWEWY will know them instantly.

The top row has MONKEY which is one of the “brands” from the game, these pins work like swords and are my favorite in the game. Next to them are the black and white skull which is the “player pin” which is used for actions and getting into battles. The red and black skull is a special pin that is used in the storyline.
01-04 are dash/lance weapons, the cartooned music note and LIVE are sound weapons which you use the DS’s mic to perform their action. The nin-dori and red and yellow “weekly” pins are the Japanese versions of the Sushi and black and purple pin called Shinobi. The Sushi pin is one of my favorites–after all, I am a sushi addict! The yellow key is the final master key in the game and the y0000 is a 10,000 yen piece. The “D” “+” “B” are drag objects weapons and the “DB” pin strengthens that “brand.”
The forth row down are all character pins. The first 2 are group shots and then Neku, 2 of Shiki and 2 of Rhyme. The last pin is Rhyme with-in the game after a depressing turn in the story.

The fifth row of pins is a mixture of the ones I found to be interesting and to have the most detail. The last three with the stars are used for partner combo attacks. The one with the 4 stars is used at the end of the game with all the partners from the journey and the double star and the star and black cat are combo pins used with Shiki.
The second pin in row 5 with the rose is damn cool and would look awesome with a Gothic outfit or simply a nice suit on the lapel.

The bottom row features some of the pins I used heavily in the game or I just found them interesting.

All in all, I was very happy with this purchase which totaled $30.00 after shipping. The pins are great items for fans of The World Ends With You or if you like certain pins or collect pins, these are perfect–well made, quality and inexpensive.
Check Ebay and type in “The World Ends With You” and you’ll find them as you scroll down.

Totally Bitch’in Collectible!

pixel Totally Bitch’in Collectible: TWEWY Pins!

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