Totally Bitch’in Statue: Racing Miku!

It took half a year but Racing Miku is finally here!

RcMiku 1 Totally Bitchin Statue: Racing Miku!
Made of plastic and hand painted, Racing Miku is as perfect as she was in the photos. The detail of the statue is as fine as Miku herself!
Costumed as a race queen or umbrella girl, Miku comes with some tools that a member of the pit crew would have such as a tool belt full of well-detailed hand tools and a few loose pieces such as an adjustable wrench and her most prominent piece which is an air wrench with an air hose. Miku also comes with a base for display.

RcMiku 3 665x1024 Totally Bitchin Statue: Racing Miku!

The box packaging is absolutely beautiful and features a side panel with official RedJuice art of Racing Miku and the back of the package has shots of the statue itself from different angles. The rest of the package is adorned with great colorful splashes of art and propaganda for the statue.

RcMiku 2 852x1024 Totally Bitchin Statue: Racing Miku!

It’s a hard decision to open it or not, between the cost and the appearance, it’s fine to keep sealed. Another reason to keep it sealed is that everything Miku seems to double in value–quickly. As usual though, I’d never sell, but it’s tough to choose what to do sometimes.

RcMiku 4 768x1024 Totally Bitchin Statue: Racing Miku!

All in all, Racing Miku is perfect and worth the half year wait and the cost. Click on all of the pictures to enlarge and for more info follow the link to my informative article on Racing Miku below.


pixel Totally Bitchin Statue: Racing Miku!

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