Totally Bitch’in Toy: Captain Glenn!

The 2011 SDCC offered the first ever Queen Marlena action figure from Masters of the Universe. Marlena came with a partially articulated Cringer–Prince Adams wimpy green tiger whom he used as a pillow while loafing away in the royal stables. Queen Marlena also came with a swappable outfit to go from Queen of Eternia to Space Adventurer.

Marlena 6 698x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: Captain Glenn!

After the convention a reverse version was offered on, this version of Queen Marlena had her outfitted as the space adventurer and renamed her package as Captain Glenn

I preferred this version of the Queen because I really like the futuristic aspect of her spacesuit with the large “bubble” dome helmet. I feel the appearance is nicer (at least to my eyes) than the Queen Marlena figure. As you can see, Cringer shares the box with her.

Marlena 7 767x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: Captain Glenn!

The back of the larger than usual package features an alternate bio from the one that Queen Marlena came with. This bio focuses on her life before becoming Queen of Eternia. The “also available” section has very specific characters such as her husband and kids with her palace guards and of course Man-At-Arms and Orko.

Normally, my article would be finished here, however, Captain Glenn was available for a week unlike last years Orko and Prince Adam figure set which only lasted a half hour. I was able to get 2 figures on sale day and I’m all the happier because of it. So here it is, my first open package review.

Marlena 1 904x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: Captain Glenn!

Out of the box Captain Glenn comes with a nice array of accessories including a holstered ray-gun which is the same as Princess Adora’s. She also comes with a large laser rifle, a sword which came with Battleground Teela, a scepter/staff in gold, a dress fit for a queen, an alternate head in the form of a better known Queen Marlena complete with crown and Cringer–who doesn’t love Cringer! Cringer’s details are vast including his face in a worrying or even goofy expression, his single fang, and the bottom of his feet have pads in black. Cringer’s fur is detailed well and his only moving parts are his tail which can wag if you move it and his head turns. Cringer is nice, and its nice to have him after about 30 years of waiting–just taking off Battle Cat’s armor doesn’t make a true Cringer.

Marlena 2 814x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: Captain Glenn!

Captain Glenn has a great old-time spacesuit, her outfit is actually a retool of Adora’s outfit and the bodysuit (upper part) is removable by splitting the back. The helmet is 2 pieces, the clear dome is removable and simply snaps back on after lining up the tabs. Upon removing the dome the pony-tailed head can be turned on its ball-joint.

Marlena 5 577x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: Captain Glenn!

The detail in her helmet is really well done and has the air pack and air hoses sculpted in nice detail. the back of her spacesuit appears to have a zipper seam, it’s tight after “notching” closed so it’s not so bad.

Without her helmet, Marlena’s facial and head details can be seen better. As mentioned before her hair is in a ponytail which gives a good look for a space adventurer. There have been mixed comments about her eyes, for me personally, I think they are great. Marlena’s eyes aren’t crossed which just pisses me off when an action figures eyes aren’t straight! Marlena’s eyes are very intense and focused–or more-so focused…Either way, I think they did a good job. The comments have called her eyes “dead,” I don’t know, I see life in them.

Marlena 3 627x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: Captain Glenn!

Changing Captain Glenn to Queen Marlena is very easy which surprised me to be honest, nothing is easy when it comes to Masters of the Universe Classics. Just remove the head then pull up on the helmet (mine was a bit stuck from excess paint–see it actually was tough) and pop the queen head on the ball-joint (always be gentle), then spread open the back of the Glenn bodysuit and slide it over the arms. The “nude” body is really odd with gaps at the legs, but no matter–take the dress and slide it over the arms and notch and “snap” along the back. Finally, arm her the way you like and you have Queen Marlena.

Marlena 4 Totally Bitchin Toy: Captain Glenn!

As most of the photos show, I like Marlena wearing her full spacesuit and holding the sword and scepter as seen below this is how I have her displayed with Cringer next to her. The dress and extra head are behind her carded package and the large rifle is at the rear of her stand. Her pistol is in the holster–if her kids can use a sword, then she can too! The green Castle Grayskull stand is a separate item, the stands are ok, but they are not that well made, you have to hope that you don’t find the figures laying forward or backwards sometimes–the loose ankles and knees don’t help either, that is why I opened very few MOTU Classics figures, they look better in the package.

Marlena X 1021x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: Captain Glenn!

Captain Glenn/Queen Marlena is probably my second favorite figure after Wun-Dar–might even be my first favorite.

Without being biased, I believe from the time I’ve been collecting the MOTU Classics figures, seeing a few different kinds un-boxed (male/female/beast) and the many paint schemes and accessories that are included or applied; Captain Glenn is one of the best in the few years that the figures have been on the market. I was really satisfied with the 2 figures and it took a while to choose which one to open–it came down to her right leg being turned on its joint where it wouldn’t look as nice as the one I left packaged.

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GRADE: A+ (Captain Glenn is really the most superior figure up to date and she will probably overtake Wun-Dar as my #1 favorite).

MOTU Classics collectors out there, Who is your favorite Classics figure???  Use the Comments Box Below!

pixel Totally Bitchin Toy: Captain Glenn!

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