Totally Bitch’in Toy: King Grayskull!

Originally issued at a convention in 3 different variations, King Grayskull returned to shelves for a little more than a day on

King1 718x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: King Grayskull!

The figures offered at the convention were a standard full color King with the He-Man accessories of a shield, ax and sword. He also included a cape and was packaged in a Castle Grayskull box. The variants were one in translucent blue, the ghost version and a bronze statue version. I always prefer the standard full color and detail over the odd variants.

The new figure in Classic’s packaging includes a shield, a orb of power, a flocked cape and two halves of the gray Power Sword.  Hidden in the package is a solid gray Power Sword.

This is the first time that the Power Sword is the true version, it contains both male and female halves and is reminiscent of the older He-Man mini comics. Growing up, to make the Power Sword, I would have to combine He-Man’s gray sword with Skeletors purple sword–then, Castle Grayskull, here I come!

King2 754x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: King Grayskull!

King Grayskull was featured in an episode of the 2002 Masters of the Universe cartoon, he was supposed to be the one who started it all including being the ruler of Castle Grayskull and the creation of He-Man. By the power of Grayskull is referring to the King himself.

The back of the package includes an interesting picture in the bio section, this picture is from one of the very early mini comics and is pretty much accurate in being the character of who King Grayskull is–he was referred to as the spirit of Castle Grayskull. Kind of cool to put the figure together this way.

Most reissues of figures include a star burst of “the original” on the front of the package; but, because this is the first standard version of King Grayskull, the star burst is not used, he is new!

King3 768x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: King Grayskull!

I was very satisfied with this figure, he and Grizzlor take up residence on shelves with the other Classic’s figures. Reliving the past through the toys that are now modernized, is a great way to remember the good old days. The new design, better detail and great accessories and packaging make the collector in me want to keep going.


pixel Totally Bitchin Toy: King Grayskull!

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