Totally Bitch’in Toy: Nemesis Prime!

From the Transformers Universe, this exclusive Nemesis Prime is probably one of the most bitch’in toys in the Transformers line.

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Decepticon: Nemesis Prime!

The mold of Nemesis Prime is exactly the same as TF Universe Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus, however what makes this character cool is the color scheme and back story.

Transformation of Nemesis Prime is not all that difficult, but, I recommend that people take their time, this is a semi-rare collectible and there aren’t any at your local toy store.

Nemesis Prime includes two weapons which are a part of the truck itself. His wind vane or the top of his roof folds into a cannon and his smoke stacks become a rifle.

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Nemesis Prime And His Two Guns Of Kickass!

A side company called TF Paralax has created 2 different trailer accessories that for about $100.00 each he can either become a “City Commander” like Ultra Magnus and become a much larger robot or he could be like Optimus Prime and have a battle station trailer–both in Nemesis Prime colors. These add-on’s are really interesting, just getting a hold of them can be a bit costly because $100 is just a round figure.

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It's The Dead Matrix That Make's Him Evil...

The box art for Nemesis Prime is awesome because it really depicts this evil Optimus Prime as a total badass to the point where even Megatron doesn’t look as cool–and that’s saying something.

The original concept of Nemesis Prime is simply a black version of Optimus Prime. The name Black Convoy is simply just Optimus in black–call it a variant. I prefer the separate character of Nemesis Prime.

The figure is a few years old, but it’s usually found on ebay–almost everything is. The price hasn’t moved too much, I paid $30 when I got it, it averages $50–less or more.

Totally Bitch’in!

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pixel Totally Bitch’in Toy: Nemesis Prime!

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