Totally Bitch’in Toy: She-Ra!

She-Ra, the Princess of Power was created off the popularity of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

In 1985 Prince Adam found out that he had a twin sister named Adora whom was captured as an infant by Hordak and Skeletor. Adora was raised by Hordak and some mind control courtesy of Shadow Weaver; she became a high ranking soldier in Hordak’s army of oppressors.
In the animated movie “The Secret of the Sword” Prince Adam takes a portal to the world of Etheria and after some adventure he finds Adora and gives her a Power Sword that matches his own. This sword allows her to become She-Ra: The most Powerful Woman in the Universe!

She1 781x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: She Ra!

In 2010, issued She-Ra, the Princess of Power to the masses in action figure form. The Masters of the Universe Classics collection had a new hero and what a hero!
She-Ra has two heads included to either give her the appearance of the 80’s action-doll by having the “mask” crown that can either be in the downward position as known in the 80’s figure, or it can be spun to have the sides pointing up and for holes to line up with her eyes to give her a mask to hide her identity and protect her pretty face. The second head (the most popular with collectors) is styled from the cartoon with the crown of wings. This head is much nicer in a way because for most collectors, the figures should be based on the cartoon–after all, that is why the cartoon exists, to sell toys. The faces on both heads are sculpted very well giving She-Ra a look of beauty, determination and kindness–it’s actually really impressive, the Chinese sweat shops did a great job casting and painting the original designs for this figure.
She-Ra has molded hair, not rooted hair like the original figure, but that’s more than OK because it looks really good and is well detailed.

The body sculpt and outfit/armor is reminiscent of the original and there is even a “stone” on her dress.  Also included is a removable cape.

She-Ra’s weapons are simply great! She includes her Power Sword that has a “stone” embedded into it, she has a shield, also with a “stone” and finally she has a comb/axe so she can hack off Mantanna’s bulging eyes and fix her hair afterwards. The comb obviously was included with the original action-doll to straighten her rooted hair after a rough–something–with Bow–Amazing huh…?

She2 751x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: She Ra!

The back of the card features the usual “also available” and a bio section. This bio is odd to me, it mentions something referring to King Randor being dead and Hordak taking over Eternia and the Masters of the Universe are a rebellion group or something of the like. She-Ra is helping with the rebellion and apparently He-Man is not mentioned.
I know a lot about MOTU and a good amount of She-Ra but, this is new to me. I don’t really like the bio on this figure because it really makes no sense, it should just focus on She-Ra. In the She-Ra cartoon Skeletor would be a guest villain and every time he came to visit he would kick Hordak’s ass. I don’t think Hordak will be taking over Eternia any time soon…
In the 2002 MOTU Hordak was invincible, but in the end, the original story is what matters.

She3 768x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: She Ra!

As in the photos, She-Ra is Graded by the AFA. This is the first Graded figure I’ve ever bought and with good reason. A first run She-Ra is going for way too much on ebay and with only a few price choices available I decided to go with the Graded figure because it was only a few dollars more than the figure that was not Graded.

Grading is a form of protection, rating and a selling tool used for collecting and after market sales. A company will inspect the figure, package and anything involved with a “fine tooth comb” and rate or grade it depending on their findings. The item is then encased or “slabbed” in acrylic which not only protects the item, but also supports it for display. The case is pretty solid and only has one opening at the bottom rear for air flow (you can’t even notice it).

A sticker and bar code are applied with information such as what the item is, what collection it’s from and other assorted info depending on what the item is. The piece is also given a grade–She-Ra is a 9.0 Uncirculated. What does that mean? The 9.0 is a gold rating that will bring the figure a good amount of resale in the future, it’s a low “A” but it still has very high quality and collectors will want a 9-10 if they are picky like I am about package quality. The Uncirculated mark means that it was sent to them in the white mailer box still sealed with tape and that AFA was the one who opened the outer box causing the figure to be uncirculated.

I’m not big on Graded items especially comic books because they are meant to be read unless it’s “Action comics” #1 or something of true value. Would I get another Graded figure–eventually, it’s a very interesting process and gives a nice display.

If anything, the MOTU Classics, She-Ra figure is one of the best in the collection and like the AFA Grade, I give her a…


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