Totally Bitch’in Toy: Tytus!

From the Masters of the Universe Classics collection is the largest, highly detailed figure in the line. Tytus, The Heroic Giant Warlord is absolutely huge! Standing at 12 inches tall and weighing more in plastic than the Shadow Beast; this heroic Giant will crush all of the villains standing in his way!

Tytus 11 732x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: Tytus!

Sold only in Europe in 1988 as part of the last line of figures before the end of He-Man and The Masters of the Universe, Tytus was originally created with rooted hair and a very colorful packaging. One of the most sought after figures for collectors of the original line, Tytus goes for prices as big as he is on the collectors market.

Tytus 2 768x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: Tytus!

Tytus includes removable armor and a weapon called a “warrior Smasher,” this huge mechanical club is able to lift the standard size MOTU figures for the Giant Warlord to toss away or flatten like a pancake.

Tytus features a great sculpt reminiscent of the original minus the rooted hair however, the solid mane allows for some serious longevity of the figure.

Tytus 3 Totally Bitchin Toy: Tytus!

The back of the huge package has a bio and classic character art along with a group of good guys and baddies. They even add an image of the figure to take up the rest of the space.

Tytus 4 1024x744 Totally Bitchin Toy: Tytus!

This photo shows the size difference between the standard size King Grayskull, the larger Shadow Beast and Tytus–truly amazing! Tytus takes up an entire shelf alone! (Click all photos to enlarge!)

What would Tytus be without his grave enemy Megator the giant green ogre. Coming later this year is Megator–also sold in Europe in 1988. Megator also featured rooted hair but, that was changed to sculpted plastic. This angry green giant also comes equipped with a nasty wrecking ball that is covered in spikes and has a hearty chain to swing it around and take some heads off!

Megator 1 Totally Bitchin Toy: Tytus!

Tytus (and I’m assuming Megator) are costly–at $51.00 after shipping, they are wanted by collectors and at the same time, not wanted by collectors. The message boards are mixed with feelings that they are nothing but hunks of plastic and on the other side they are pieces of MOTU history. Either way I fell in love with the sheer size and detail of the giant figures. I’m guessing that next on the block will be the other figures from 1988 in the form of Laser Power He-Man and Laser-Light Skeletor–which were the figures that the “New Adventures of He-Man” were born from.

Tytus Art Totally Bitchin Toy: Tytus!

Tytus is a totally bitch’in toy and I can’t wait for Megator–not the cost but, the figure.

GRADE A+ (Worth every dime!)

pixel Totally Bitchin Toy: Tytus!

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