Totally Bitch’in Toy(s): Mo-Larr VS Skeletor!

S and ML wht box 1024x607 Totally Bitchin Toy(s): Mo Larr VS Skeletor!

Featured in the cheesy shorts of Robot Chicken and created by Mattel, Mo-Larr VS Skeletor presents a great collector’s item.

S and ML front 1024x606 Totally Bitchin Toy(s): Mo Larr VS Skeletor!

Apparently, The Great And Powerful Skeletor Is Screwed!

The set features Skeletor complete with Havoc Staff, a complete sword and a Power Sword half, and his armor. In the diorama box, Skeletor is laying on a dentists chair and his face sculpt is toned green and he is missing a tooth as in the stop-motion short.

Close up S and ML 1024x652 Totally Bitchin Toy(s): Mo Larr VS Skeletor!

More Detail Of The Figures.

Mo-Larr is sculpted in the MOTU Classic’s form and has his lab coat, and a great selection of accessories including a box of floss, a scraper/pick, a mirror, over-sized pliers with poor Skeletor’s tooth and the F-ing drill. Just about all of Mo-Larr’s tools of the trade are chrome and the box of floss has actual string–really well detailed!

S and ML back 1024x632 Totally Bitchin Toy(s): Mo Larr VS Skeletor!

Grizzlor Stabbed In The Eye With The F-ing Drill and Beast Man Floss-tied!

The back of the box was the biggest surprise, in the prototype or sales photos the set-up was quite different by featuring Mer-Man and Beast Man in their regular “also available” poses, however the true set-up as you can see in the picture are Grizzlor with the F-ing drill in his eye and a comical description and the other is once again Beast Man except he is tied up at the moment with dental floss–also with a comical description.
The character bio pictures are the same, except the website had the Keldor bio in the item description section for Skeletor, not the Robot Chicken-related bio.

I originally didn’t care for this set, but I figured once it sold out it would be gone forever (retail, that is) there is a small chance of a re-issue, but usually not with a SDCC exclusive, so I grabbed it and was pleasantly surprised and satisfied with my purchase.
I don’t recommend opening the set because the packaging is collectible as it is by being a diorama.

If you want this set, try to find the lowest price on the secondary market.

Totally awesome!

pixel Totally Bitchin Toy(s): Mo Larr VS Skeletor!

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