Totally Bitch’in Toy(s): Orko…and Prince Adam!

The SDCC seems to always have the best collectibles and this color changing Orko which was only available at the convention is no less than the best!

Orko 1 696x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy(s): Orko...and Prince Adam!

Orko was the kind of character that was hard to dislike, his funny voice played by actor/producer Lou Scheimer made us all laugh. The way he would always cause Man-At-Arms to yell “ORKO!!!!” When he would foul up a magic trick by dumping eggs on his head or causing careless damage to the palace was hilarious! And then there were the good aspects of Orko. He was able to help his friends when needed and according to the 2002 cartoon, he saved a young Prince Adam from an attack and kept Skeletor out of Castle Grayskull.

Although he was more considered comic relief, it was always a plus when the heroic side would come out and Orko would save the day.

The action figure is very interesting, it is made of a color changing plastic that goes from “reddish” to clear in warm water, only leaving the “O” on his robe and his eyes turning the court magician invisible to evade Man-At-Arms, Skeletor or kitchen duty.

To “float” high enough to talk with his friends, Orko includes a clear stand with a black base. This stand is also included with Tri-Clops in the 2002 figure and the Classics figure for his seeker drone–now it holds Orko!

Our squeeky-voiced friend also includes his magic wand in a smaller scale than the 2002 figure and he now has a spell book with a red bookmark ribbon. The spell book is also interesting, it has a color changing sticker that has the SDCC logo appear also in warm water–pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Orko 2 726x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy(s): Orko...and Prince Adam!

The back of the larger than the standard package has the “also available” and a bio on Orko, this bio has a lot of the 2002 character added in and then some original text that tells how he is Prince Adam’s guardian–good luck with that Orko. The picture used for the bio is just funny to look at and so is the figure–talk about lovable!

The original Orko figure was built like a top (almost) he came with a rip-cord that allowed his metal pin to spin him on a smooth hard surface. also included with the original was an interesting magic trick of coins featuring images of MOTU characters. I don’t fully remember how it works, but I remember that it was amazing!
The most notable accessory that the original Orko included was the fact that his hat was removable and revealed his shiny head and his ears were fully exposed.

The 2002 Orko was a masterpiece, he looked tough for once. Orko was taller and appeared to have invisible legs, he was well-detailed and had wrinkled hands with what appeared to be warts. The “bandanna” that covered part of his face had the tied ends floating in the air making him look bad-ass. he had a finely detailed robe and a medallion around his neck and his hat had the appearance of a true wizard and not a jester. Orko had articulation in his head, arms and waist and he had a stand with translucent magical smoke under him. This also had a microchip on the underside for use with Castle Grayskull. Also included were his wand and a magical cannon that fired a spring-loaded ball of energy.

Orko is hands down one of the most loved characters in Masters of the Universe and always will be–the proof is in the figure sales, sold out in thirty minutes.

In the 1984 figure line, Prince Adam, the alter ego of He-Man was released and purchased a “million” times over by fans of the series. Prince Adam came with some new accessories that have not been done yet. The Prince’s jacket was made of velvety fabric and his belt was an elastic band. Although he was a repaint of He-Man with purple boots, tights and loin cloth, his white shirt and reddish/Maroon jacket made him the Prince everyone saw on TV.
Prince Adam included a Maroon Power Sword (why I don’t know)! Which most changed out to carry He-Man’s gray sword instead.

In 2002 Prince Adam was revived as a smaller, younger alter ego who was more masculine in appearance. He included a club or mace with firing projectile and an electronic Power Sword that was exact to the one that was included with He-Man except, it had the hand guard collapsed as it was when not giving him “The Power of Grayskull!”

Prince Adam is back and better than ever! He has the same appearance of the 1984 figure with his jacket now being molded plastic and his belt a part of it. He includes two heads, one that has a focused appearance or is most likely He-Man’s and the other has a cocky smile to hide his true intentions of heroics and fearlessness.
Prince Adam comes with a solid maroon Power Sword and a maroon Power Sword half.

The only problem with Prince Adam is…He is an accessory of Orko…

Orko 3 1024x768 Totally Bitchin Toy(s): Orko...and Prince Adam!

What? Mattel couldn’t give him his own box? A bio that included He-Man at the end, a massacre on new figure day at Why not!?

But, that’s OK, really it is. It makes Orko more special and Prince Adam the same. Sure Adam is laying at Orko’s “feet” at the bottom of the package but, that could just be the surprise when you remove the carded figure from the white mailer box–“Hey! Prince Adam is included with Orko!!!”

Either way, Orko and Prince Adam are a very cool figure set and one that is a prize in my collection.

I recommend paying what ever the aftermarket wants for Orko, it’s worth every penny.

GRADE: A++ (One plus for Orko and one for Prince Adam).

pixel Totally Bitchin Toy(s): Orko...and Prince Adam!

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