Tough Decisions

x360vsps30zh1 Tough Decisions 

Oh man, here I am, still undecided on which next gen consol to buy. 

I was so close to buying an Xbox 360.  It seemed promising too.  the price drop of 50 bucks for the premium.  That’s 350 bucks now.  And they released a newer version of the 360 with HDMI already in it.  This newer version also comes with a newer chip and a new cooling system.  That means the ring of death won’t be popping up anytime soon.  A bunch of kickass demos are out too, like Bioshock, Katamari, Medal of Honor.  And the 360 has a better selection of games compared to the PS3.  I’m still iffy about the ring of death of the newer version would still crap out on me if I do get one.

Then the 60 gig Ps3 had a hundred dollar price drop in the previous months from 600 bucks to 500 bucks.  And now Sony has an offer where if you apply for a credit card, you get a 150 dollar rebate  for purchasing Sony products.  So that’s like a price drop of 250 bucks (Now the same price as a 360).  No interest for the first year too.  Plus when you buy it, you get 5 free Blu-Ray movies.  And it’s a good time to buy the 60 gig model now, because it’s gonna be the last model to come with the emotion engine that can play PS2 games like nothing.

But here’s my gameplan.  Buy the 360 now, apple for the credit card and buy a PS3 and pay later.  Sounds good to me! 

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