Toy Review: SDCC Destro 2pk

Destro double 1024x777 Toy Review: SDCC Destro 2pk

The 2009 San Diego Comicon had quite a list of exclusives, however I found my favorite! The Destro two pack features a pair of very well detailed 3 3/4 G.I. Joe figures depicting James McCullen IX and XXIV.

Destro IX 707x1024 Toy Review: SDCC Destro 2pk

James "Destro" McCullen IX.

James McCullen IX from the opening of the movie: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, comes complete with armor, a Pike, a black powder pistol and a sword. The best part of course is a “metal” mask that resembles and works just like the movie prop–minus being red hot!

Destro CE 663x1024 Toy Review: SDCC Destro 2pk

Destro With The Face Of Christopher Eccleston!

On the other side of the “book” is the one and only Destro with the face of Christopher Eccleston (just a little younger looking.) This very well detailed figure is dressed in his fancy pin-striped 3 piece suit with red gem tie tack. He comes with more guns than a figure needs including a mini flame thrower, a chrome version of one of the Baroness‘ guns, an auto-pistol with clip and 2 chrome “death rays.” Also included is a “M.A.R.S.” briefcase.  Most importantly, he comes with a swappable chrome Destro head.

Both figures come with stands with their McCullen names and generations upon them.

The packaging is really exceptional, they are both carded and held in place in individual trays with rubber bands. These trays slip into the book-like packaging and then once the book is closed with it’s magnetic seal, it can be placed into a box with Destro coat of arms art work. The set is made of sturdy cardboard and is detailed pretty well. has them at the moment and that is where I got mine. The price is fair and it’s just a great piece. I believe that it’s the perfect “fan” action figure! The single Destro figure from the main line of Rise of Cobra is nice, but this one is far better. I highly recommend it!

pixel Toy Review: SDCC Destro 2pk

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