Toy Talk! MOTUC Castle Grayskull!

This past weekend Mattel dropped some big Masters of the Universe Classics surprises at the 2012 Power-Con. There is talk of a preorder system for an all new MOTUC Castle Grayskull! A new Castle Grayskull! But wait… there’s more! Aside from the tease of a potential Grayskull, there were also three new images of upcoming figures for the 2013 MOTUC subscription. Let’s check out some pictures from the Power-Con and then have some Toy Talk!

grayskull 1 Toy Talk! MOTUC Castle Grayskull!

grayskull 2 Toy Talk! MOTUC Castle Grayskull!
These images of Grayskull are from the prototype to the original Grayskull. It appears that the new Grayskull will be based off of that design. From what I have read, there will be a pre-order system for the new Grayskull that will begin sometime this fall. Much like the subscription model on, a minimum number of pre-orders will need to be made in order for the play set to get the go-ahead. The new Grayskull will have a price of $200 and will ship sometime next fall 2013. More information will be detailed by Mattel next month at the New York Comic Con (Oct. 11th -14th.)

Now I was happy to hear about an all new Castle Grayskull, but what really got me thrilled was getting three new sneak peeks at some upcoming figures for 2013!

octavia Toy Talk! MOTUC Castle Grayskull!

Fans of the Snake Men will be getting Snake Face. Those who have wanted more characters from the New Adventures of He-Man will be seeing a new Space Mutant: Karatti. The final figure is one that fans have been clamoring about for a long time: Octavia! The vile Horde member with the deadly tentacles has never seen a figure in all the history of He-Man and She-Ra. This character has long been a fan demanded character, and so far 2013 looks to be one fantastic year for MOTUC. So what say you? Share some Toy Talk at these latest developments.

pixel Toy Talk! MOTUC Castle Grayskull!

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