Toy Talk: The Outer Space Men!

Toys are always on my mind and I thought now would be a good time to have some toy talk regarding a toy line that has some really cool history about it and is making a nice future for itself. The Outer Space Men were originally bendy toys made by Colorform and invented by Mel Birnkrant in the late 60’s. Since 2008 they have been making their return felt on many a collector’s shelf.

These toys were obviously well before my time, but I have stumbled upon them in my toy searches for the last couple of years and find them to be very interesting. They are fantastic toys that are exactly what the name suggests: Outer Space Men. Each figure hails from a planet and it all has such a great sci-fi feel to it that has continued to hold up. The really cool thing about these toys is that original creator Birnkrant joined forces with Gary Schaeffer to revitalize the brand and bring forth new items. This venture started up back in 2008 with this cool looking graphic novel depicting the Outer Space Men characters.

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I have yet to read this graphic novel, but I really like the cover and it seems very cool and interesting. The graphic novel can be purchased from the official Outer Space Men website. I was reading over the process for how the graphic novel came into being, and it was just a very fascinating story. There is a great deal of love put into this line.

I was perusing their website to learn more about various news and upcoming releases for these items and there are quite a few things to check out. There is a great deal of history on the line and it can take a couple of return trips to read everything there is. Secondly they have an online store that is full of interesting items. The graphic novel, mugs, and other special items can be purchased along with these guys:

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This is a set of updated Outer Space Men (sculpted by the Four Horsemen) called the Cosmic Creators Mel Birnkrant Edition and they are from left to right: Mystron (I love those wings), Electron+ (a very cool name), Alpha 7, and Commander Comet. These figures look so cool. I am hoping to eventually get some so I can do some nice reviews on them. They just look fantastic.

One final thing I want to mention is that there is a new character coming out soon: Terra Firma- the Woman From Earth!

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I am really looking forward to her. The more I look at all this information regarding these items the more there is to love. So head over to The Outer Space Men, and check things out. Be sure to also check back here for some cool looks at more Outer Space Men stuff.

Does anyone else like/remember the Outer Space Men? Share your memories and/or thoughts on these new items. Hope everyone is doing well.

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