Trailer: X Band Transmission Ghost Documentary

X Band Transmission is a new documentary about to hit the festival circuit which attempts to investigate real life paranormal activity.  From what I’ve heard, this isn’t like those “reality” shows where someone bumps the camera and everyone’s running around in the dark screaming like little girls.  This is an actual case study. 

Melvindog posted this description of the film on Youtube:  “X-Band Transmission is the story of a group of strangers with different backgrounds in the paranormal and metaphysical realms, who come together in a small hotel room in San Francisco to send a signal to the future and to perhaps recieve a message that may alter the present.

Paranormal reasearch experiment one is a journey into the realm of the unknown, and into the land of the subconscious that exists between the spiritual and physical realms.

A claivoyant haunted by ghosts, a hyper-dimensional energy shaman who uses sound and vibration as a medium, a real life witch and practitioner of the Wicca way, and a scrier who works in magic, are brought together by a mysterious traveler and researcher in this ground breaking documentary that ventures into the mind of these varied characters.

This heart-felt and bizarre journey reveals the strangeness and humanity that we all share in spite of our pre-conceived notions and delusions of truth, and opens the door into a world rarely seen with such intimacy.

Will these strangers reach into the future? Will they have a premonition that may affect the present? Can they in fact tap into the realm between the spiritual and the phyisical through this paranormal vortex?

Watch and see as this fascinating journey unravels in the heart of San Francisco. Defying description and genre X-Band Transmission is a film for any one with an interest in the unknown, and a thirst for the theater of the absurd in the realm of the surreal where nothing is normal and everything is possible.”

X Band Transmission Trailer

0 Trailer:  X Band Transmission Ghost Documentary

pixel Trailer:  X Band Transmission Ghost Documentary

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