Trailer: [Rec]3 Genesis (Spain) 2012

rec 3 genesis Trailer:  [Rec]3 Genesis (Spain) 2012

[Rec]3 Genesis is a zombie film out of Spain about a young couple who experience an undead apocalypse right in the middle of their wedding. Their friends and family in attendance become the zombie horde they must kill and run from.  The world premier of this third installment of the [Rec] series will be held in Paris on Friday April 7, 2012 with a midnight screening at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas on April 9th.  It will be available on demand in August in the US with a limited theatrical run scheduled for September.

Rec 3: Genesis Official Trailer (English Subtitles)

0 Trailer:  [Rec]3 Genesis (Spain) 2012


pixel Trailer:  [Rec]3 Genesis (Spain) 2012

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