Transformers Animated: The Complete Series; DVD Review!

New on DVD from SHOUT! Factory and Hasbro is Transformers Animated: The Complete Series. Spanning 6 DVD’s holding 42 episodes of what I feel is the best version of Transformers lore since the original 80’s cartoon.

Transformers Animated has taken a lot of flak for being cartoony and almost childish—the exclusion of guns over melee and other gripes here and there. What people are missing is the beautiful HAND DRAWN artwork and animation, the interesting story that unfolds throughout the entire series and seeing their favorite characters depicted in a more unconventional way.

The stand out episode comes from Season 3, entitled “Human Error” which gives a nod to a very classic episode from the 80’s original. “Human Error” features the main Autobots as humans and learning what it is like to be human while trying to defeat the Decepticons without their great robot strength and power. (There is a lot more to this two part episode, but I won’t spoil it, you have to watch it for yourself)!

Personally for me, I can now close my obscene Transformers Animated collection with this, the complete series.

TF A collection Transformers Animated: The Complete Series; DVD Review!

I highly recommend Transformers Animated for a good, fun-filled watch that consistently trumps all of the others that came after it and after the 80’s original. Pick it up today…you won’t be sorry!

GRADE: A+ (I believe that this was the one true version of Transformers that could take the place of the 80’s original; all the others are so unbalanced and boring. Again, I highly recommend it to everyone. Who cares if it’s Y7, sometimes people just need to sit back and enjoy something).

pixel Transformers Animated: The Complete Series; DVD Review!

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