Transformers: Cybertron; DVD Review!

NEW on DVD from SHOUT! Factory and Hasbro/Takara is Transformers: Cybertron, one of the largest installments of the post 80’s Transformers.

In Transformers: Cybertron, the Autobots are trying to find keys that will stop a black hole from swallowing up their home planet; all-the-while, the Decepticons are trying to get the keys for themselves in order to rule.

Many different characters join in on this story; however, Megatron becoming Galvatron is kind of cool. Starscream fans will get all they could ever want—however, all that is missing is the scene from the 80’s movie were Galvatron turns him to dust!

This DVD set is a serious brick and contains every episode from the series, no extras… The upside is that the story is pretty decent, however, the downside is the odd mix of hand drawn art and animation with really weak CG animation for the robots—it is distracting and for someone like me who likes high-end Anime, I just don’t like it.

Not a bad set for fans of the Cybertron series, I recommend it because the price is decent, it has every episode and if this is the one you grew up with, then go for it!

GRADE: B (I can’t get over the mix in animation, I just can’t…)

pixel Transformers: Cybertron; DVD Review!

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